new mexico takes a giant step towards civilization

Congratulations, New Mexico!

New Mexico has become the second US state in two years - the 15th state overall - to abolish the death penalty. The legislation signed by Governor Bill Richardson makes New Mexico the first western state to repeal the death penalty since executions resumed in the US in 1977.

I'm especially pleased to learn this about New Mexico, as I'll be depositing some of my hard-earned loonies there, when my nephew and his partner get married in Santa Fe in September.

As of today, March 19, 2009, 20 people have been executed in the US this year, bringing the total since 1977 to 1137.

If you are an abolitionist, as I am, the Death Penalty Information Center has everything you need to know to argue your case.


Cornelia said...

Good news, an important steps toward abolition!!

Adam said...

Hear, hear! What angers me though, is that states considering banning the death penalty are doing so for monetary reasons. Seems the economy had to break before this consideration. Would that the it was a more "enlightened" decision and not one based, or at least instigated by financial matters. Here is the URL to an article in The Economist Magazine:


laura k said...

Really? Interesting. That doesn't anger me at all. In fact, I welcome it. I see the economic reasons as a useful smokescreen, a political cover that people will understand, so elected officials can't be accused of being "soft on crime". They know the death penalty doesn't work - many politicians only vote for it out of political expediency - so now they have a good excuse to back away from it.

I think of this the same way I think of the exclusions - be it age, mental disability, whatever - if it whittles away at capital punishment, if it reduces the state's right to take a human life, I welcome it.