let them stay week 2: day one: letters to the editor

The clock is ticking down for war resister Kim Rivera and her family. Let's take action every day this week on her behalf.

Today, please take a few minutes and write a letter to your newspaper of choice (or even better, your newspaper of last resort) in support of US war resisters in Canada. To increase your chance of publication:
- keep it short: under 200 words if possible,
- avoid inflammatory language: keep what you really think about Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney to yourself,
- pick one or two key points to highlight, and
- keep it very short.

Some ideas:
- a majority of Canadians support US Iraq war resisters
- Canada did not support the invasion of Iraq, so welcoming other people who do not support it is consistent
- in June 2008 Parliament passed a motion calling on the government to stop deporting war resisters and to let them stay
- Prime Minister Harper and Immigration Minister Kenney must respect the will of Parliament
- Canada has a history of welcoming people of conscience, this is consistent with Canadian values
- Canada should welcome war resisters, rather than welcoming war criminal George Bush
- the war resisters most immediately threatened are Kimberly Rivera, Patrick Hart and Dean Walcott

Even if your letter is not published, it helps. The more letters a newspaper receives on a topic, the greater the obligation to run one or more of them. A barrage of letters will greatly increase visibility and show the public's support for the resisters all across Canada.

Feel free to post your letter in comments here if you like.

More about Let Them Stay Week 2 here.

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Cornelia said...

Avoid inflammatory language: keep what you really think about Stephen Harper and Jason Kenney to yourself.

Exactly. I agree. I always make sure not to trashtalk those two "gentlemen". I will not tell him just how horrid I find him exactly, if I need to vent, I can do that with people who agree with me on the issue. This is the "fan post" aka protest letter the guy just got from me:

Dear Mr. Kenney,

Please respect the will of the majority of Parliament and Canadian voters and stop the deportations of war resisters asap. Just recently you acknowledged explicitly that democracy is good. So, I wonder why on earth you might be obviously having such a hard time acting on your knowledge by implementing the resolution passed in favor of the war resisters by the majority of Parliament. Theoretically you know at least that democracy is good and so you said but the best thing would also be giving it a try in practice and respecting what the majority of the Canadian population and the majority of the Parliament wants and thus letting war resisters say. Please consider also that Bush is no longer in power and can't make any trouble for the economy by ordering excessive checks at the borders, thus causing enormous delays etc. any more if you and your government mend your ways and let war resisters stay. I find it very hard to conceive that you and Mr. Harper, your Prime Minister, are obviously having issues with letting war resisters stay but no issues whatsoever with having former US President Bush visiting Canada despite the allegations of violations of the Geneva Convention he has been charged with and which seem credible enough to me to warrant investigation by a committee of the US Congress to begin with.

Cornelia Maier, Augsburg, Germany