let them stay week 2, day 5: call or visit your mp

On the final day of Let Them Stay Week 2, we ask you to take one additional - and very important - action: please contact your MP.

Tell him or her that you want US war resisters to be allowed to stay in Canada, and why you feel this way. The motion passed in June 2008 calling on the government to stop the deportations and allow the war resisters to apply for permanent residence status was reaffirmed by the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration in February of this year. We expect it to go to the full House of Commons soon. We expect additional action in the House of Commons soon, too.

No matter what party your MP belongs to, it's vital that he or she know that this issue matters to you.

I think most of you know your MP and how to contact her or him, but just in case, you can go here, plug in your postal code, and call up the name and contact info. An email is good, a phone call is good, a visit is great.

Thank you for standing up for peace and democracy.

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