email conservatives: defend free speech

Received this morning from the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.


Tell Jason Kenney:

Defend free speech.

Let George Galloway into Canada. Stop the attacks on civil liberties.

Please contact immediately the offices of Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney to demand that he reverse his ban on British MP George Galloway. Jason Kenney must stop his attacks on civil liberties and support the right to free speech.

Please also include the entire Conservative caucus in your e-mail (or as much of it as you can). Conservative MPs must take responsibility for their party's decision to attack free speech in Canada. Make sure they know that their position is indefensible, and that they must join the call to reverse the ban on George Galloway.

E-mailing is the fastest and easiest way to contact Jason Kenney and Conservative MPs. Just follow these steps:

Step 1:
Cut and paste Jason Kenney's e-mail addresses into your address line:

KenneJ@parl.gc.ca; Kennej7@parl.gc.ca; minister@cic.gc.ca

Step 2:
Cut and paste the e-mail addresses of the entire Conservative caucus into your CC line (If your e-mail account can't e-mail this many addresses at once, try sending your e-mail to a smaller block of addresses one at a time. You may have to send several e-mails in order to reach the entire caucus.). Please note that this list includes Conservative staffers.

AbbotJ@parl.gc.ca; AblonD@parl.gc.ca; calgary@ablonczy.com; Aglukkaq.L@parl.gc.ca; AlbreH@parl.gc.ca; AllenM@parl.gc.ca; AllisD@parl.gc.ca; AmbroR@parl.gc.ca; AmbroR1a@Parl.gc.ca; AnderR@parl.gc.ca; RobAnders@telus.net; AnderDa@parl.gc.ca; david.anderson1@sasktel.net; Ashfield.K@parl.gc.ca; BairdJ@parl.gc.ca; BenoiL@parl.gc.ca; benoil@parl.gc.ca; BerniM@parl.gc.ca; BezanJ@parl.gc.ca; office@jamesbezan.com; ottawa@jamesbezan.com; BlackJ@parl.gc.ca; BlaneS@parl.gc.ca; Block.K@parl.gc.ca; BouchS@parl.gc.ca; Boughen.R@parl.gc.ca; boughr@parl.gc.ca; Braid.P@parl.gc.ca; Braidp1@parl.gc.ca; braidp1@parl.gc.ca; BreitG@parl.gc.ca; breitg1b@parl.gc.ca; BrownG@parl.gc.ca; Brown.L@parl.gc.ca; BrownLo@parl.gc.ca; BrownPa@parl.gc.ca; barrie@servingbarrie.com; ottawa@servingbarrie.com; BruinR@parl.gc.ca; Cadman.D@parl.gc.ca; CadmaD1@parl.gc.ca; Calandra.P@parl.gc.ca; CalkiB@parl.gc.ca; CannaR@parl.gc.ca; ron@cannan.ca; CannoL@parl.gc.ca; Cannon.L@parl.gc.ca; Cannol1@parl.gc.ca; CarriCo@parl.gc.ca; CassoR@parl.gc.ca; casson@rickcasson.com; ChongM@parl.gc.ca; Chong.M@parl.gc.ca; ClarkR@parl.gc.ca; Clarke.R@parl.gc.ca; ClemeT@parl.gc.ca; Clement.T@parl.gc.ca; Clemet1@parl.gc.ca; Clemet2@parl.gc.ca; clemet1a@parl.gc.ca; CummiJ@parl.gc.ca; cummins@dccnet.com; cummij@parl.gc.ca; DavidP@parl.gc.ca; Davidp1@parl.gc.ca; DayS@parl.gc.ca; days1@parl.gc.ca; Dechert.B@parl.gc.ca; decheb1A@parl.gc.ca; DelmaD@parl.gc.ca; DevolB@parl.gc.ca; Dreeshen.E@parl.gc.ca; Duncan.J@parl.gc.ca; DykstR@parl.gc.ca; FastE@parl.gc.ca; ed@edfast.ca; FinleD@parl.gc.ca; Finley.D@parl.gc.ca; FlaheJ@parl.gc.ca; jim@jimflahertymp.ca; flaherty.j@parl.gc.ca; FletcS@parl.gc.ca; Fletcher.S@parl.gc.ca; GalipR@parl.gc.ca; GalipR1@parl.gc.ca; Galipr7@parl.gc.ca; GallaC@parl.gc.ca; Glover.S@parl.gc.ca; gloves@parl.gc.ca; GoldrP@parl.gc.ca; goldrp1@parl.gc.ca; GoodyG@parl.gc.ca; info@garygoodyear.com; goodyg1@parl.gc.ca; GourdJ@parl.gc.ca; GrewaN@parl.gc.ca; grewan1@parl.gc.ca; GuergH@parl.gc.ca; HarpeS@parl.gc.ca; pm@pm.gc.ca; Harpe.S@parl.gc.ca; HarriR@parl.gc.ca; harrir1@parl.gc.ca; HawnL@parl.gc.ca; hawnl1@parl.gc.ca; HiebeR@parl.gc.ca; info@russhiebert.ca; HillJ@parl.gc.ca; Hoback.R@parl.gc.ca; hobacr1@parl.gc.ca; hobacr@parl.gc.ca; Hoeppner.C@parl.gc.ca; info@candicehoeppner.com; Holder.E@parl.gc.ca; JeanB@parl.gc.ca; jeanb1@parl.gc.ca; KampR@parl.gc.ca; randy@randykamp.com; KeddyG@parl.gc.ca; keddyg@ns.sympatico.ca; geraldkeddymp@eastlink.ca; keddyg1@ns.sympatico.ca; kennej0@parl.gc.ca; kennej1@parl.gc.ca; kennej2@parl.gc.ca; kennej3@parl.gc.ca; kennej4@parl.gc.ca; kennej5@parl.gc.ca; kennej6@parl.gc.ca; kennej7@parl.gc.ca; kennej8@parl.gc.ca; kennej9@parl.gc.ca; Kent.P@parl.gc.ca; kentp@parl.gc.ca; Kerr.G@parl.gc.ca; info@westnova.org; KomarE@parl.gc.ca; komare1@parl.gc.ca; komare2@parl.gc.ca; komare3@parl.gc.ca; KrampD@parl.gc.ca; krampd1@parl.gc.ca; LakeM@parl.gc.ca; LauzoG@parl.gc.ca; info@guylauzon.ca; LebelD@parl.gc.ca; LemiePi@parl.gc.ca; lemieux.p@parl.gc.ca; Lobb.B@parl.gc.ca; LukiwT@parl.gc.ca; LunnG@parl.gc.ca; lunnmp@garylunn.com; LunneJ@parl.gc.ca; nanaimo@jameslunneymp.ca; ottawa@jameslunneymp.ca; MackaP@parl.gc.ca; Mackap3@parl.gc.ca; Mackap2@parl.gc.ca; Mackap1a@parl.gc.ca; MackeD@parl.gc.ca; macked2@parl.gc.ca; macked1@parl.gc.ca; MarkI@parl.gc.ca; inkymark@mts.net; MayesC@parl.gc.ca; mayesc1b@parl.gc.ca; McColeman.P@parl.gc.ca; McLeod.C@parl.gc.ca; McLeoC1@parl.gc.ca; McLeoC@parl.gc.ca; MenziT@parl.gc.ca; menzies.t@parl.gc.ca; MerriR@parl.gc.ca; Merrifield.R@parl.gc.ca; MilleLa@parl.gc.ca; manager@larrymiller.ca; ottawa@larrymiller.ca; MooreJ@parl.gc.ca; MooreR@parl.gc.ca; NichoR@parl.gc.ca; Nichor1@parl.gc.ca; Nichor2@parl.gc.ca; NorloR@parl.gc.ca; Norlock.R@parl.gc.ca; rick@ricknorlock.ca; ObhraD@parl.gc.ca; deepak@deepakobhrai.com; OconnG@parl.gc.ca; mp@gordonoconnor.ca; OdaB@parl.gc.ca; Oda.B@parl.gc.ca; ONeill-Gordon.T@parl.gc.ca; oneilt@parl.gc.ca; ParadC@parl.gc.ca; paradc0@parl.gc.ca; paradc1@parl.gc.ca; Payne.L@parl.gc.ca; PetitD@parl.gc.ca; petitd1@parl.gc.ca; PoiliP@parl.gc.ca; 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Step 3:
Don't forget to fill out your subject line:

Let Galloway into Canada. Defend free speech.

Step 4:
Cut and paste the message below. Feel free to personalize it with your own words. And don't forget to include your name at the bottom.
Dear Mr. Kenney:

Your decision to ban British MP George Galloway represents
an unprecedented attack on free speech and on civil
liberties in Canada. Regardless of Mr. Galloway's opinions
on the war in Afghanistan or the Middle East, you have no
right to silence his views. Canada is now the only country
in the world to ban a sitting Member of the British
Parliament, someone who has been elected five times and who
has no criminal record.

I am demanding that you reverse this decision immediately
and make provisions to guarantee Mr. Galloway's entry into
Canada. In addition, I am demanding that you cease
immediately any further attacks on free speech and civil
liberties in Canada.

I look forward to your prompt reply.


Step 5:
Press send!


redsock said...

Just sent this off with this paragraph:

"At the beginning of this month in Barrie, you said the following, in response to some protestors: "That's democracy, everyone's welcome to freedom of expression." Is that so? It sounds like you've changed your tune in the last few weeks. Or do you think that Canada is not a democracy? ... Seriously: what's wrong with you?"


Got this back:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
(reason: User's mailbox is full)
(expanded from: [jim@jimflahertymp.ca>]


I'll bet it is!

L-girl said...

Thanks for posting, Allan!

I'm very busy with resister stuff this week. Hope to see many of you Weds night!

L-girl said...

Gee, that's funny, all mail to Jason Kenney and Stephen Harper is bouncing back as undeliverable. If only it were because they were no longer reachable at those government addresses...

impudent strumpet said...

Doesn't the spammy approach weaken the credibility of the message?

L-girl said...

I think getting so much email from so many different people shows the wide dissatisfaction with their decision. But you might be right, I don't know.

I had an interesting exchange with a staffer. I'll post it here in comments in a minute.

L-girl said...

Received from Benjamin Martin

Executive Assistant to Pat Davidson, M.P., Sarnia-Lambton

Quote from Galloway last week;

“Though he said in an interview with The Globe and Mail last week that civilized countries don't bar people for their views, he has in the past advocated barring both French far-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen and anti-Muslim Dutch politician Geert Wilders from Britain.

"Freedom of speech is not an absolute," he said about Mr. Wilders in February.”

I guess freedom of speech isn’t a two-way street in the mind of Galloway. You should e-mail HIM and ask him why he has such a double-standard.

* * * *

My reply:

So that's what you want for Canada? A man you detest sets the standards for our government?

And are you admitting that Galloway was denied entrance on freedom of speech grounds, NOT because he is a security threat as your party has said?

No one believes your nonsense.

Laura Kaminker
Mississauga, ON

* * * *

His reply:

Not at all.

He isn't coming to Canada because he supports terrorist organizations. That has been made quite clear.

Thank you for giving us your perspective on this matter.


Benjamin Martin

* * * *

My reply:

Then why was he allowed in Canada two years ago?


* * * *

That was the end of the exchange.

Also: one of the Kenney addresses is his Blackberry.