dear globe and mail, this sucks

From today's Globe and Mail:
Does anyone really think that British MP George Galloway is a threat to Canada's security? It's obvious that Mr. Galloway is being refused entry into Canada because he is critical of Canadian foreign policy under the Harper government.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney has described himself in recent interviews as a defender of free speech. If that is true, he should immediately rescind the ill-advised, politically motivated decision to bar Mr. Galloway from Canada.

If George W. Bush, a war maker, can come to Canada, surely a peace activist can, too.

Laura Kaminker
Mississauga, ON

Keep the pressure on! This is unacceptable, and we have to say so, loudly and often.


Cornelia said...

Exactly. Mr. Galloway creates in no way problems for Canadian national security. If Kenney doesn't like him, he needn't show up for his speech, plain and simple, so what the heck?!

redsock said...

News: "Four Canadian soldiers have been killed and eight injured in two separate blasts in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, say Canadian officials.
The deaths bring the number of Canadians killed while serving in the conflict in Afghanistan to 116."

And who is the real threat to Canadian lives?

L-girl said...

And who is the real threat to Canadian lives?

Right. The coincidence of events was too perfectly awful.