cbc marketplace skewers the door-to-door energy sellers

Further to this post, tonight's CBC Marketplace is about my current least favourite doorbell-ringers, the energy company salespeople.
Wendy Mesley investigates the tactics used by door-to-door energy sales people, and reveals the truth they don't tell you when it comes to your bills and their companies.

Two weeks ago, Mesley's show was about retail sales of puppies: How Not To Buy A Puppy. I was thrilled to see Marketplace covering puppy mills and backyard breeders. It's great education for a large, mainstream audience. Unfortunately, I wasn't up to watching, emotionally. Just couldn't do it. I was hoping a wmtc reader saw it and could let us know how it was.

But I am going to watch the low-down on the door-to-door energy hawkers. Pretty sure that will be less grueling than abused and neglected puppies.


Anonymous said...

A little bit of trivia: Wendy Mesley is Peter Mansbridge's ex. She's also a breast cancer survivor.

L-girl said...

Wendy Mesley is one of Peter Mansbridge's many exes!