california mini-vacation, day 4 and home

March 12, 2009

After hanging out a little and saying our goodbyes in the morning, AWE and I had another amazing breakfast – do you see the pattern here? – and then hit the road. We were in San Francisco for a minute and a half, then picked up the coastal route. In the Bay Area it's called "the 1", SoCal calls it "the PCH," but to me it's just driving down the coast. I've done it a few times, and maybe no longer feel the need to stop at every turnout and take hundreds of photos, but it's a magnificent drive, and still a huge treat.

We had lunch in Big Sur, and stopped to see the elephant seals sunning themselves in their cove. After wending our way back to the freeway and having yet another In-N-Out meal, we pulled into AWE's house outside of L.A. pretty late. She did all the driving, which we hadn't planned, but she insists was ok.

At AWE's house I was mobbed and showered with love from three amazing canines. I love them all, but Casey, a lab-pit mix, has a special place in my heart. I tried to tell them that Casey and I had a long talk and she told me she wants to be Canadian. LC, AWE's husband, told me that Casey was a huge Obama fan and wants to give him a chance, see how things play out. Damn.

March 13, 2009

This morning, after more doggy love (but never enough), AWE and I met David Cho for breakfast. I met David in person in 2007, the first time I visited AWE in California. It was great to see him again. AWE left for work and David drove me to the airport.
LAX was a zoo and by the time I got to the gate, it was almost final boarding call. I have a story assignment waiting, and managed to get some work done on the plane.

I've said this many times but I've never felt it more than when returning from both my trips to California. I really like Toronto and Mississauga, and for many reasons I'm very happy living here. But I find the area so physically unappealing – downright ugly - especially now, in the muddy season. It's so beautiful out there – the farmland, the coast, the weather, the rich foliage, and in San Francisco, the physical city itself. I love coming home to Canada – and to Allan, and Tala and Cody – but visually, it's a bit depressing. Ah well.

Wmtc note: Allan will be guest-blogging for a while, as the Campaign is entering Let Them Stay Week II and we'll all be fighting to keep Kim Rivera and her family in the country, but I need to focus on writing. Some serious juggling is in order.

Now to check Fundable.


redsock said...

Allan will be guest-blogging for a while, as the Campaign is entering Let Them Stay Week II ...

I can post other stuff, too, right? :>@

Amy said...

Sounds like such a wonderful trip. We did that coastal drive from SF to LA in 2003 and loved every bit of it. It was our first and so far only time in California. I loved the seals, the coast, the parks, all the towns we stopped and stayed in. It made me realize why so many people moved to the west coast.

But I truly love New England, and I cannot imagine living elsewhere.

Thanks for sharing your trip!

David Cho said...

It was sooooooo great to see you!. Speaking of breakfast, have you been to Solvang?

Hey Allan, your turn to show your face!

L-girl said...

Hey Allan, your turn to show your face!

Usually when I go for a short trip by myself, we're both happy all around. But this time... I felt bad, I could tell Allan was a little envious. I had way too much fun. ;-)

Amy said...

David, we had breakfast in Solvang on our CA trip, which was great. But what a weird place! A little too Disney for me, even though it is supposedly authentic.

The best breakfast we had in CA, and perhaps my favorite of anywhere, was in SF. I cannot remember the place, but it is famous for its incredibly light and delicious pancakes. They were just unbelievable.

David Cho said...

Amy, I had a Danish sausage dish in Solvang, and that was back in 1986. It was just unreal.

But I agree that the place has become way too commercialized just like the rest of the world.

David Cho said...

LAX was a zoo? When I dropped you off, I didn't get the impression that the airport was so crowded. So it took you that much time to check in and go through security checks?

L-girl said...

So it took you that much time to check in and go through security checks?

Yup. Passengers for all flights were moving through a tiny bottleneck, up an escalator, 10 people at a time. It was packed and very slow going. But I don't get stressed about things like that. I made the flight, so... *shrug*