breaking news: harper government to deport war resister kim rivera and family [updated!]

Updates below.

I've just received some very bad news. War Resister Kimberly Rivera, her husband Mario, and their three children Christian (age 7), Rebecca (age 4) and Katie (age 3 months), are being deported.

They will soon be called to the CBSA office, where they will receive a final deportation date, probably for two weeks from their appearance.

Now that we've heard, I can tell you a little about what's been going on in this terrible, convoluted case. When I say "a little," that's only because it's very confusing and difficult to explain. This is a shorthand version.


I've removed my earlier explanation of what happened in the Rivera case, as I've learned that it was so pared down as to be grossly inaccurate! Sorry about that. I was trying to push some relevant parties into giving us a simple statement, and it may have worked. I will fill in as soon as I can.

Meanwhile, I will just say that the Harper Government is persecuting this family and it has got to stop!

* * * *

The Riveras are out of time.

My heart is breaking. And I am seething with anger.

If this upsets you half as much as it does me, tell your MP, tell Stephen Harper, tell Jason Kenney. This Saturday, come out to International Women's Day and march with the War Resisters Support Campaign in support of Kim Rivera.

* * * *

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney
613.954.1064 ministry office
613.992.2235 parliamentary office

Copies to opposition party immigration critics:
Maurizio Bevilacqua (Liberal): bevilacqua.m@parl.gc.ca
Olivia Chow (NDP): chow.o@parl.gc.ca
Thierry St-Cyr (Bloc): st-cyr.t@parl.gc.ca

The Right Hon. Stephen Harper

And your own MP.

We are angry and disgusted. This is not what the Canadian people want. Say so!


redsock said...

Seething is about right.

Fucking shitheads.

Stephanie said...

This really sucks!
I have that sick burning lump thing in my throat...I can't stand having a government that feels like the enemy!

L-girl said...

I know that sick burning lump thing all too well. I'm so fucking used to having a government that's the enemy but I'm SICK OF HAVING IT IN CANADA. Because it doesn't have to be this way.

Pardon the all-caps. I'm kind of freaking out.

Tom said...

I am saddened by this criminal turn of events by Harper and his cronies.

I just hope we get a spring election and get these monsters out of power.

David Heap said...

We have to get out and keep protesting. This is ridiculous!

Cornelia said...

O shit!!! This is really extremely bad news!!! I'm so sorry!! The policy of Harper and Kenney is horrendous and soooo damn mean and abusive and stupid!!!

Cornelia said...

These bullies in power are disastrous. Definitely. I am freaking out as well, I think. Of course they are like the opponents of good people, somehow. A protest rally is definitely a good idea. I hate Harper, Kenney and Co.!!!

Cornelia said...

They freak me out!!! I was already in bad mood today and this was the last thing I needed!!

Cornelia said...

In the meantime, I calmed down sufficiently to know I could voice my indignation and protest and have those guys hear from me without resorting to insults...

And this is what I wrote:

Dear Prime Minister and Minister, Messieurs Harper and Kenney,

Please don't get Kim Rivera and her family deported!!! It would amount to a grievous hardship and it would be in direct violation of the explicitly stated will of the majority of Parliament. Please respect democracy and the will of the majority of Canadians and of Parliament and let them stay. Thanks!

Cornelia Maier, Augsburg, Germany