attention sudbury: let them stay week 2 comes your way today

I'm back! Deadline met, I'm really happy with the results, and back to the blog big time. Many thanks to Allan for taking care of business while I was feeling insane - not only on wmtc, but in our home, and editing my story as well.

Sudburians, I'm sorry for the late notice on this - the post got lost in the crush.

If you are in or near Sudbury, you'll have the opportunity to hear from two US war resisters - Ryan Johnson and Dale Landry - tonight, March 19 at the Laugh, Listen and Lobby event: La Fromagerie on Elgin Street, 7:00 p.m. until 9:00.

Another war resister, Michael Espinal, lives in Sudbury with his partner, Jennifer Harrison, and their year-old child. The Sudbury Star recently ran this story, which mentions Espinal.

If you're in the area, this promises to be an enlightening evening.

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