the world outside the resisters campaign. there is one, right?

There are tons of things going on in the world that I want to blog about, and a few things going on in my own little world that I'd like to whine about. But the Campaign is in full-on crisis mode right now, with several resisters and their families in peril. We are fending off a massive attack from the Government, and we are seriously short of funds.

The safety of the war resisters is consuming my thoughts right now, and I don't have the mental space to blog about anything else. I'm trying to not apologize for that... but it's tough.

If you want to see what I would be blogging about if I weren't struggling to keep my head above water, you can read Broadsides, Antonia Zerbisias's blog. Apparently The Zerb has very powerful brain-snatching powers. She steals my thoughts, then bangs out a week's worth of trenchant, witty commentary before I can formulate one clear thought.

I was especially interested in writing about the Ontario sexual assault survivor who was forced to reveal more of herself in court than she was comfortable with (which I first read about on Impudent Strumpet's blog), Ken Starr's campaign to break up families, and the latest insanity from the fetus-lovers in my country of origin. So if the contents of my brain interest you, please check in with Antonia Z.

I will fill you in on resister news as soon as I can. Things are still in process.

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