"should the continuity of authority trump ... justice and personal morality?"

Here's an outstanding letter in support of US war resisters in Canada, from the Sarnia Observer.
War resisters deserve chance to flourish

I would like to thank Jon Sanderson for his letter regarding war resisters ("Not Canada's business to interfere," The Observer, Feb. 7, 2009). Though I disagree with Mr. Sanderson, I appreciate his willingness to take action on what he believes in.

I am a United States citizen and one of the protesters referred to in Mr. Sanderson's letter regarding war resisters. I agree that commitments must be met with responsibility and steadfast resolve. At times, however, commitments conflict, and during those times, each of us must determine what we value and honor most. Should the continuity of authority trump the values of justice and personal morality?

It is honourable and courageous to recognize something that is wrong and to risk freedom, earned benefits and the esteem of others by removing oneself from a corrupt system. Most of the war resisters have faced life and death situations and did what was necessary to protect themselves and those around them in moments that they cannot take back. They have then had the courage to face a deeper reality of the injustice and human sacrifice resulting from this war they have taken part in.

I believe these individuals honour the oath they took to our Constitution, but like numerous Iraqi civilians, they are victims of an administration and Congress that did not uphold their own oath to the same.

Veterans have made sacrifices of self that most of us cannot fathom. According to Army officials, 24 U. S. soldiers are believed to have committed suicide in January 2009, compared to the 16 soldiers who died in combat during the same time period.

Please allow U. S. war resisters to stay in Canada. They deserve the opportunity to flourish in a just and free society.

Kathy Berry
Port Huron, MI
Bluewater Peace Initiative

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