look at those melons


Breasts, art and consciousness raising - a perfect combination.

Members of the Quilters of South Carolina have created some unique bras, to raise awareness of breast cancer, to memorialize victims and to honour survivors. You can see their entertaining and imaginative efforts here and here. Seriously, go click, you'll enjoy it.

The exhibit is touring South Carolina, then the bras will be auctioned to support the Best Chance Network, a program that provides care and treatment of uninsured women who are diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer.

It's estimated that 18,000 USians die every year because of lack of health care. Imagine what that number would be without the work of organizations like Best Chance.

I've heard people say we shouldn't support groups like the Best Chance Network, as they give the government an easy out, showing health care can be financed by private charities. There's a similar argument food banks: by supporting them, we allow the government to allow people to go hungry. So while they exercise this political principle, people go hungry.

It's not an either-or choice. While some activists continue the fight for universal health insurance in the US, other activists try to provide the missing services. We don't need to increase the statistics to dramatize the point. Behind every one of those 18,000 deaths is a person, a family, a loss. A preventable tragedy. We can fight it from every angle.

The Best Chance Network doesn't seem to have a website, but I found this video.

Click here and here to check out the whimsical lingerie.



impudent strumpet said...

Those are brilliant! I would totally wear the melons.

Andrea said...

The notaries down the hall from my office is involved in a group called "bras for a cause". They have bras like that all over their office walls. People register and then create these wild bras to be auctioned off at a big banquet. It is pretty cool. The reason we need to do this is sad but it is a wonderful fund raiser.