family day

It's "Family Day" in Ontario, the poorly named but very welcome mid-February holiday recently invented for this province. Ontario joined several other provinces and a few countries that already had the holiday.

Our family is meeting another family just like ours - two humans, two canines - at Toronto's High Park for a morning romp. (Their family also includes felines, but they don't come to the park.)

My mind is very heavy with worry about two families at risk: the Harts and the Riveras. Both resisters are barely clinging to their residence in Canada. I'm trying to take the day off from blogging about this and worrying about this. I guess I already failed!

It's cold and sunny today, and James will have his new video camera to capture all the park action. Should be great.


Andrea said...

I am at work. We dont get a holiday in BC until April!
Enjoy your day.

L-girl said...

We dont get a holiday in BC until April!

It was like that in Ontario until last year. Complain a lot - maybe you'll get a silly February holiday too. I hope?!

For me it's the same. I work Sat & Sun regardless. But it's nice that other people are off and we can see friends who work a regular Mon-Fri life.

Jason said...

We don't get family day in the NWT either. But we do have June 21st as a stat while the rest of Canada doesn't...so I guess it balances out.

My brother lives with his family in Gatineau. But because my brother works in Ottawa, he got the day off for Family Day. The irony is that he spent the day alone since his wife and kids work and attend school in Quebec.

Still, a day off is always welcomed; expecially in Feb!

L-girl said...

Oh, it's my new friend from the Gay White North! Welcome!

That's really cool that in the NWT you are off for summer solstice.

In Alaska on solstice there are midnight baseball games all over the state. Do you play midnight hockey?

richard said...

No Family Day in Bc. Grrrrr! What's the deal? We have families too!