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It's very, very sad. Click if you can take it.


Dharma Seeker said...

Having watched hours of explicit dog fighting video (including an owner destroying a dog that refused to fight by electrocuting it with a car battery) I honestly believe that death is not always the worst case scenario. Sometimes death is merciful. It is not merciful to destroy healthy, happy anmials. It's ignorant. And for anyone who has fallen in love with a beautiful Bully smile, or watch a Bully literally rub the end of its tail off against the floor of its run - to the point that it bleeds - because it just can't stop wagging... what an unthinkable waste, to throw all of that love away.

Currently the law in Ontario is that a prohibited "pit bull" must a. be sent out of province b. be sent to a research facility (no joke) or c. be humanely euthanized

I loved and cared for a Bully girl named Boo at our shelter that came very close to being euthanized because she was "prohibted". Fortunately the shelter sent her out of province and she is now happily living out the rest of her life in New Brunswick. Many aren't so fortunate. We throw a lot of love away in Ontario, every day.

Who gets to do the awful deed; the dirty work? The low-wage shelter workers who have no say in the matter; usually the same people who have cared for these dogs, who've gotten to know the dogs and have seen for themselves how truly wonderful most of them are. Word.

L-girl said...

Having watched hours of explicit dog fighting video (including an owner destroying a dog that refused to fight by electrocuting it with a car battery) I honestly believe that death is not always the worst case scenario. Sometimes death is merciful.

I completely agree.

But (as you say) to not evaluate every animal individually, to not allow anyone to speak on the dogs' behalf, as was done in this case, is horrible.

I've been linking to the Bad Rap Blog posts about this and not writing myself because it's too painful.

I'm happy for Boo, and for you that it turned out that way.

Jay said...

I`m not sure if this is standard policy across Canada but it is standard policy in Ontario Canada.
All Fight Bust dogs are killed after "rescue"

[quote]It is standard policy to euthanize dogs seized as part of a dog fighting investigation. Though these dogs may be very friendly towards humans, they are extremely aggressive towards other dogs and can typically not be rehabilitated.[/quote]

So this unfounded stereotype and myth about fight bust dogs is not restricted to the U.S by any means.
ALL of these dogs deserve to be evaluated by Real Experts and have the same chance of adoption as any other dog.
That`s the only way that attitudes about these dogs will change in the mainstream.
When supposed Rescuers repeat these myths the public tends to think it must be true.

L-girl said...

Jay, those laws are provincial in Canada, not federal. So fortunately, no, it's not standard across Canada.

I'm not sure, but I believe the passage you're quoting is from the law, not from rescuers. Rescue groups fought very hard to defeat that law, but misinformed public sentiment fed by the sensationalist media was too great.

I agree that every dog deserves to be evaluated as an individual, no matter what he or she has been through.

Cornelia said...

Unless a dog has as a matter of fact proved to be a danger to human beings (by attacks that might be potentially lethal next time), of course, individual checks would be much better. If a dog just has a problem with other dogs, keeping them on the leash and with a muzzle can help with that, just like in the case of Buster, and as outlined on this homepage, some dogs really have been rehabilitated. I'm glad things worked out for Boo!

Dharma Seeker said...

Just to clarify, euthanizing seized fighting dogs is not legislated - it is not required by law. It is policy and I'm not aware of any Society for the Protection of Animals or Humane Society in Canada that deviates from this approach because until the Vick dogs it was commonly accepted that fighting dogs could not be rehabilitated.

Also keep in mind that SPCAs and Humane Societies are all registered charities and have to make difficult decisions about how much time and money they can afford to spend on one animal. Every dollar spent on dog "a" is a dollar that won't be available for dog "b". With very limited resources, few organizations can justify a lengthy rehabilitation process that may not even be successful. Many of these organizations already have to euthanize healthy animals every day due to lack of space or funding.

Rather than expecting SPCAs and Humane Societies to be responsible for rehabilitation efforts, I'd like to see an organization established that is dedicated to rehabilitation. The organization would be responsible for securing its own funding (though finding donors is always a challenge given the negative image the media has given these animals).

Animal cruelty laws are federal, not provincial, because they are part of the criminal code. The law is woefully inadequate and the SPCAs need a much better piece of legislation to properly prosecute these types of cases.

Dog fighting rings are notoriously difficult to infiltrate which is why the OSPCA has only investigated a couple of dozen "over the past several decades".

For those who love the breed, as L and I do, there are two organizations doing amazing work in Ontario. Advocates for the Underdog has been legally challenging the ban for years and Bullies In Need provides foster homes and finds forever homes in other provinces for dogs that would be required by law to die if they stayed in Ontario. Regardless of age or temperment. Pit bull type dogs need so much help right now and they are so very deserving.

L-girl said...

Thanks so much, Dharma Seeker. Excellent and important info.

The provincial laws I was referring to were the breed-specific ones in Ontario, but you've clarified that issue re policy.

I'm finding I can hardly think about this - my grief over Buster keeps returning. I admire you so much for doing the work you do. I feel like I would just break down every day.