yet another award nomination. not sure if we should care.

Through Jon Swift, I have learned that we move to canada is a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards, in the category of Best Canadian Blog.

Wmtc is not the best Canadian blog, but neither are any of the other nominees. And I say that with the utmost respect and admiration for my fellow progressive bloggers who were nominated: Saskboy, Buckdog, and Calgary Grit (see? I didn't forget you). It's a bit silly, calling any of us the best Canadian blog.

On the other hand, it would be nice to prevent any of the wingnuts on the finalist list from claiming influence and popularity that they don't deserve. Surely the Best Canadian Blog shouldn't be written by people who would remake Canada in the US's godly image. To look at the list, you'd think Canada was, well, Texas.

I keep saying I'm going to ignore all these awards, that they don't mean anything... then I get into it anyway.

Voting begins Monday, January 5.


L-girl said...

Why these awards can't really mean anything: the blog that won Best Canadian Blog three years in a row. Read here, because as a rule I don't link to filth.

L-girl said...

Plans for a coalition are afoot. Stay tuned.

Jere said...

"Why these awards can't really mean anything," part 2:

I went to their sports section, clicked one of the nominated sites, and saw that it hadn't put up one post all year... maybe that was my blog's problem, why I didn't make the finalists--too much postin'! Shoulda just kept my mouth shut.

Jon Swift said...

Well, congratulations anyway. And happy new year. It is a new year in Canada, isn't it, or do they have a different calendar up there?

leftdog said...

While not overly interested in blog awards, I am acutally flattered to have been named a finalist in the 'Best Canadian Blog' category. I have a lot of international readers from the USA and the UK.

Since 'non-Canadian' readers will make up the largest chunk of voters, I am curious to see whom they consider to be the 'Best Canadian' blogger!

Should be interesting!

Gordie_Canuk said...

L-girl...you're absolutely right, but regardless I'm glad to see your blog getting the recognition. That bit you said about not turning Canada into the US is important.

Canada has evolved into a nation where we measure success not by the strength of our strongest citizens, but rather by the strength of our witness. In sharp contrast to our southern neighbours where winning, at times, is everything.

My blog is barely a month old, but the more voices we have speaking out for a progressive and inclusive nation...one where we look after the needs of our weakest and most vunerable citizens...the more voices we have speaking in this fashion, the better.

Awards and recognition are secondary to all that.

L-girl said...

Leftdog, I'm very flattered, too! Recognition is always nice, even (as Jere pointed out) if it's a skewed opinion.

It's the seductive nature of recognition that makes it hard to ignore these awards, even though I know they're unimportant. But hopefully you are considering my proposal.

Gordie, I agree, the more, the better.

L-girl said...

While not overly interested in blog awards,

Interesting. Makes me wonder why I saw the headline "Vote Buckdog in the Canadian Blog Awards" at Progressive Bloggers - almost every day.

mister anchovy said...

Who are the folks who host these awards? From time-to-time I see different blogs which have been nominated for various blog awards, but I don't really understand what it's all about. Why do these awards exist, and who decides? I understand awards in the entertainment industry-it's good business, and easy to see who profits. I'm still puzzled about awards for blogs.

One of the things which I like about blogging is the lack of an institution. No rules, no business plan. I like the idea that I can write or post what I want and people can come to it or not, comment or not, form a community around it, or not. I enjoy the fact that it is a big space, this blog-swamp, and it's not a competition. My little island in the sun can coexist nicely with blogs which garner thousands of hits each day.

But then again, I don't pay attention to the Oscars or the Emmys or the Grammys or any of those awards either.

Still, I'm sure it feels good to have people care enough about what you do to nominate you for an award. Good luck with it.

redsock said...

These various awards are even more meaningless than the Grammys.

Just groups of people deciding to have awards. You and I could decide today to hand out Best Blog Awards of 2009. They would be as legit as any of the other awards.

Some attract more voters or attention than others, but it's all the same. (I still get a tad obsessed, though.)

redsock said...

Interesting. Makes me wonder why I saw the headline "Vote Buckdog in the Canadian Blog Awards" at Progressive Bloggers - almost every day.

Heh heh.

L-girl said...

Oh my, I never pay attention to the Oscars, Grammies, Emmies or anything like that. When I worked in theatre, I liked Obies (off-broadway awards), because I was part of the community. Other than that, I have never even come close to watching those various awards. They're all industry self-congratulatory bullshit, IMO.

To me, the various blog awards are a way to help readers find worthy blogs that they may not have known about, for bloggers to get a bit of recognition, and to have a bit of fun.

The awards exist because people bothered to create them, and they're decided by people who bother to vote.

They're meaningless in the long run, but fun in the short run. Nothing more, nothing less.

leftdog said...

"To me, the various blog awards are a way to help readers find worthy blogs that they may not have known about, for bloggers to get a bit of recognition, and to have a bit of fun."

That was my point, and I apologize that you had to read "Vote Buckdog in the Canadian Blog Awards" at Progressive Bloggers.

L-girl said...

That doesn't seem to have been your point.

There's never any need to apologize - either earnestly or sarcastically - for what we write. I was simply noting that your exhortations to have your readers vote for your blog, while totally understandable, contradict your claim that you are "not overly interested" in blog awards.

leftdog said...

No inconsistency at all - I am 'not' overly interested in awards, and have NO illusions of winnning one ... but I am interested in expanding the scope of my readership. I concur with you that blog awards have the capacity to do that perhaps.

Again, sorry I offended you.

L-girl said...

And again, no need to apologize. I was not offended. Thanks for your comments.