war resister chris teske ordered out of canada tomorrow

Chris Teske was unsuccessful in his attempt to get a stay of removal at the Federal Court today. He has been ordered to leave Canada by tomorrow or be removed by force.

I am stunned and very sad.

We must raise our voices in disappointment and rage, and we must be heard.

* * * *

This is an excerpt from a letter sent today from Chris' supporters in BC to Stephen Harper.
After the 9/11 attack, Mr. [Chris] Teske volunteered for combat duty and was deployed to Afghanistan with the US Army's 10th Mountain Division. He was honorably discharged after two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Two years later and to his surprise, he learned that the army had the right to reactivate him for combat service and to deploy him to the illegal and immoral war in Iraq. His conscience compelled him to desert the US army.

Mr. Teske has quietly lived and worked in Canada for over two years. He feels that Canada is his home.

According to an Angus-Reid poll, 64% of Canadians would grant permanent residence status to U.S. military deserters like Chris Teske. The will of Canadians has been clearly expressed by a motion passed by the majority of the Representatives in the House of Commons. That motion also calls for a halt to the deportation of war resisters.

We are now awaiting news on both Cliff Cornell and Kim Rivera, whose cases were also heard at Federal court today.

Please: don't lose faith, and don't give up the fight.