joy of sox is a finalist in 2009 bloggies

Joy of Sox, the excellent blog written by my partner, Allan, is a finalist in the 2009 Bloggies. We didn't even know he was nominated! These awards are quite extensive, and there are only five finalists, so he's pretty pleased.

If you want to vote for Joy of Sox, or any of the Bloggies finalists, here's what you do:

Click here.

Scroll to the right to find the sports category. Neat horizontal scrolling!

Click the circle next to Joy of Sox.

Then scroll all the way to the right, type the word verification and your email address, and click "submit".

You'll receive an email. Click on the link to validate, and you've voted.

It's a bit of a complicated procedure, but it really goes very quickly. Thanks for voting!


redsock said...

Yeah, thanks!

M@ said...

Great stuff -- yet another honour for JoS. I voted!

I noticed also that Redneck Mommy is up for best Canadian blog there. Also quite cool.