happy anniversary to us

Today Allan and I celebrate 22 years of domestic partnership. Unfortunately this year January 3 falls on a Saturday, which means we have to work, so we'll celebrate on Monday.

Birthdays and anniversaries are our thing. We always do something very special for our anniversary, and a little something to mark our "other anniversary," the day we met.

In New York on January 3, we would go to one of the really high-end, four-star restaurants, and spend an obscene amount of money on an incredible dining experience. We did this long before we could even come close to affording such a thing - a complete indulgence, and always very memorable.

For the big round numbers, we've tried to go away. For five (which seemed big at the time!), we went to a gorgeous B&B in Pennsylvania, and for ten, to Bermuda.

Two years ago, for our 20th, we had a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Ice Hotel. One of these years - maybe for 25 - I want to go to Quebec City.

This year we'll have dinner at La Castile, an old steakhouse in Etobicoke. For some reason I've wanted to go here for years, and this seems like a good excuse.

Thought for the day: 22 years is a long time! When I think back on the Allan and Laura who drove the U-Haul from Vermont to New York that day, it feels like we were different people. And we were. It's kind of amazing.


M@ said...

Happy L&A day, guys!

That restaurant seems quite impressive. I hope it's as good as it looks.

L-girl said...

Thanks M@! Chowhounders like it, and I'm counting on them to know. When people list the 4 or 5 top steak houses in Toronto, this place is always included. Hopefully that is justified.

penlan said...

A verrry Happy Anniversary to you & Allan, L-girl! Enjoy the dining out & may the next 44 yrs. (22 doubled) be even better.

Mara Clarke said...

A very happy Anniversary to you both! I always like to hear of friends celebrating milestones to their fullest. Love from London.

L-girl said...

Thank you Penlan! What a sweet thought.

Thanks Mara. :)

Ann said...

Happy Anniversary and to many more happy years together!

MSEH said...

Belated happy anniversary! Hope dinner was fabulous.

L-girl said...

Thank you! Still future tense, but I hope so too! :)

Cornelia said...

Congratulations and all the best for the future and have a great time celebrating!