this is an historic moment. make your voice heard.

Happy, happy day! How exciting to be greeted by this headline in this morning's Globe and Mail: Liberals, NDP firm up deal to topple Tories. A cabinet with six NDP seats! A progressive Government! O Canada!

I left work early last night, and was lying in bed, watching "Family Guy" and "American Dad" before drifting off to sleep. The repetitive ads for Global National News were really something: "Will the plot succeed, or will the political lines drawn in the sand be swept away on a wave of voter outrage?"

"The plot"? You mean the publicly announced, democratically legitimate meeting of two political parties putting aside their differences to work for the greater good?

"Voter outrage"? Is that the outrage of the 37% of voters who thought they could run the country as if they own it?

Or perhaps Global meant voter jubilation, at a Government that more accurately reflects Canadian values and Canadian voters?

Global News sucks, but their ad points to what we're facing this week: a massive propaganda campaign to discredit the coalition Government. We must do everything we can to make our voices heard.

If you haven't already, please sign the petition calling for a progressive coalition government. You can also send letters to Jack Layton and St├ęphane Dion through SmartVote2008.

Then tell all the opposition parties that you support what's happening:
  • tell your MP,
  • tell the NDP,
  • tell the Liberals,
  • tell the Bloc,
  • tell the Greens.

    You don't have to write a long, eloquent letter - in fact, the more concise and to the point, the better. Just tell them that that you strongly support a coalition government, a government that reflects the values of a majority of Canadian voters.

    Spread the word. Tell your friends and family, send them the YouTube video, join the Facebook group, email everyone you know. Write letters to the editor, email media outlets.

    But most importantly, tell your MP and the parties themselves. Tell them you support a coalition government. Tell them to dump Harper now!

    Lisa said...

    I am going to use this opportunity to also remind my MP et al about our totally outdated and dysfunctional electoral system.

    bgk said...

    OMG Its like Holidays have come early for me and mine. GO NDP/LIberal!