request for proposals from whoweare.ca

WhoWeAre.ca wants to show the many faces that comprise Canada, and to give a voice to cultural minorities.

To those ends, they are requesting proposals for videos. People whose proposals are selected will be asked to produce a video. After production, each contributor will receive a $1,000 grant, funds that WhoWeAre has obtained from the National Film Board of Canada.

Video proposals should address themes of cultural diversity, immigration and multiculturalism. WhoWeAre envisions becoming "a sort of YouTube for cultural diversity and immigrant experiences," when their website is fully operational in February. (It's in beta now.) The videos that are produced through this process will get the ball rolling. They also envision having an open platform, where anyone will be able to upload videos to the site.

I don't know the exact number of proposals that will be chosen; I'm told it's "between 10 and 20". For details and more information, go here.

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