jon swift best-of and wmtc reader poll

Jon Swift's annual best-Of round-up is out.

Each year, the talented and generous Mr Swift loosens his satirical robes - just a little - to highlight the best of the progressive blogosphere, as chosen by bloggers ourselves. The post represents a huge effort, and reflects the best spirit of blogosphere. Treat yourself to some good solid time there.

Last year, I asked for your help in choosing my best post, but this year I forgot all about it until the deadline, then had no time to consult with you.

But no matter, I can ask your opinions retroactively. Which of these would you vote for as wmtc's Best Post of 2008?

(a) January 18: on liberals, conservatives, good blogosphere citizens and free speech

(b) January 28: moral illogic: supporting peace, but not war resistance

(c) February 21: on raising consciousness and wanting a new cell phone

(d) March 18: why i won't watch the beijing olympics

(e) July 3: either margaret wente needs a fact-checker or the entire united states is a backwater

(f) A four-part series that I'm counting as one post:

September 4: keep canada canada, part 1: arts funding

September 5: keep canada canada, part 2: thank you, tommy douglas

September 9: keep canada canada, part 3: campaign on issues

September 13: keep canada canada, part 4: let them stay

(g) November 17: involuntary military service is a form of slavery

(h) Write-in vote. Like this one?

* * * *

I could use a very slow weekend at work to make a best-of widget on my sidebar, one for each year I've been blogging. I think that would be more useful than the category index. I have to wonder if that index really serves any purpose, although I can't seem to stop categorizing my posts or take the index off the blog.

The sidebar seems too crowded for both the categories and a best-of by year.

Anyway, please vote in comments!


David Cho said...

"why i won't watch the beijing olympics"

You convinced me on that, and I joined you.

deang said...

Choice f, the four-part "Keep Canada Canada" series. It covers several important issues concisely.

allan said...

I'll cast a write-in vote for: the four part 9/11 series from September.

Rest of Top 5:


Others that I suggested to L:

Jan 5: 9/11: truth, kooks and obstruction

May 27: end of america

July 30: denied treatment, they took their child home, and she died

Sept. 28: we don't want another harper government because...

As per B, there were three other "moral illogic" posts.

Oemissions said...

Keep Canada.... its a bargain!
We like bargains.4 for 1

laura k said...

Keep Canada.... its a bargain!
We like bargains.4 for 1

Ha! I hadn't thought of that. Very good. Very Canadian.

M@ said...

I tried to vote for "involuntary military service is a form of slavery" yesterday but it doesn't seem to have stuck for some reason. But that post was very effective at countering the illogic and stupidity of the "send 'em back" crowd.

We like bargains.4 for 1

Ha! I hadn't thought of that. Very good. Very Canadian.

A friend of my parents who emigrated from Scotland in the 60s told me that the running joke among the immigrants he knew was "How do you sell an elephant to a Canadian? Sell him two."