how to enjoy winter

How to enjoy winter.

Best enjoyed on mute, in my opinion.


James said...

Our pups are overjoyed at the snow these days.

Here's a picture form last winter.

redsock said...

There are other videos too.

Try slide, skateboard, or surfing.

impudent strumpet said...

Brilliant! That answers my questions about whether dogs float or sink in deep snow.

Someone should redo it with a better soundtrack though. Something that inspires headbanging.

John A. Ardelli said...

LOL! Wow, that dog can make some serious progress in snow! Not sure how he sees where he's going, though... :P

David Cho said...

Didn't realize that you posted it here as well.

Laura, do most dogs, if not all, enjoy the snow? I know not all love water. Couldn't get Noah to jump in to save his life.

L-girl said...

I've never seen a dog that didn't love snow. Water - varies a lot. (Cody won't go near it, neither would Clyde.) But snow, to my knowledge, they all do.

After our first dog (Gypsy) died, whenever it snowed, I would feel really sad and miss her. She loved the snow so much and was so happy in it. Even when she was old, when her paws touched snow she would get all silly and frisky like a puppy.

David, I know you regret that Noah didn't get to play in the snow. But that's how it is for a SoCal dog. He did lots of other great things. Really. :)

James said...

New pup-in-snow pictures:

Cobalt & Denim
Cobalt & Denim