happy un-christmas

Although this day means nothing to me, it's nice to have some extra time off, and an excuse to eat dim sum.

The traditional New York Jewish Christmas - Chinese food and a movie - translated very well to Mississauga, where the dim sum houses are packed on Christmas Day. We live very near the most popular place, and today we'll be one of the few non-Chinese families there.

I have a ton of links in my in-box, but very little desire to blog at the moment. So, a short break. I hope everyone who celebrates this day is enjoying it, and everyone who doesn't is enjoying that, too.


John F said...

L-Girl, I wish you a Merry Day Like Any Other! ;-)

Anonymous said...

And a happy un-Christmas to you. This year instead of Chinese food, we're having bean burritos and chocolate cupcakes (not together). We have the additional Christmas challenge of being Jewish vegetarians and our favourite Chinese vegetarian restaurant has closed. At least we have sunshine today.

Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Aw, dim sum! I would love to do dim sum on Christmas, but everybody else I know celebrates, and it's just no fun alone.

West End Bob said...

The traditional New York Jewish Christmas - Chinese food and a movie

How did this tradition begin in the Jewish community? A dear semi-practicing Jewish friend in Atlanta does this every year with his brother. I've asked him about it and he has no idea.

Does anyone have any insight?

Enjoy the day for whatever the reason . . . . :)

laura k said...

Hey, thanks everyone. :)

I/P, I hope you're enjoying your solitude today. It can be so relaxing.

Bob, I don't really know! Maybe it's because everyone has the day off and, typically, those would be the only places open.

It's one of those unspoken traditions that (as far as I know) just formed in the doing.

I don't know about Jewish Torontonians, but Chinese Mississaugans go out for dim sum on Christmas *in droves*. The place was a madhouse today - a huge crush at the door, dozens of people waiting for tables, cart after cart coming down the aisles. A little crazy, but really fun and delicious.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for the tardy greeting, but MFC to you and yours!

I spent the day at home with the girlfriend eating home-cooked Chinese food for lunch and lobster for dinner. Yum!

laura k said...

Hi M Yass! Sounds great. Could you email me? The address I have for you is bouncing.