dear jack layton, from the war resisters support campaign

This letter was sent last weekend, from the War Resisters Support Campaign to the Honourable Jack Layton, leader of the New Democrat Party.

* * * *

Dear Jack:

It's time to dump the Harper government and replace it with one that represents the majority of Canadians.

I understand negotiations are going on about the agenda of such a coalition government. Please remember the war resisters. They have been in limbo because the Harper Government would rather they be deported to rot in jail than open Canada's doors to them. It's time to welcome them, as Canada welcomed the Vietnam War resisters who came here.

I know this is not an issue that directly affects a large number of people. I know the economy is in a lot of trouble, and needs urgent action.

But the war resisters represent, for many Canadians and people around the world, a symbol of what Canada is all about. By welcoming them, Canada shows it is a nation of peace, respect for international law, and a welcome for people of conscience. That's why Harper has been so keen to be rid of them. That's why they must be allowed to stay here.

I hope like hell that the coalition idea comes to fruition. If it does, please do your best to Let The War Resisters Stay!


Lee Zaslofsky
War Resisters Support Campaign


M@ said...

Great letter.

Although I am glad it was sent and agree entirely with what it's saying, I'm hoping that it's unnecessary, because I think the smart money is on Olivia Chow taking the immigration portfolio. I've seen cabinet predictions (for what they're worth) that included her in that post too.

I have the feeling you'll be reasonably pleased if that ends up happening.

laura k said...

I think the smart money is on Olivia Chow taking the immigration portfolio.

That would be so wonderful. OMG.

But if not, the current Liberal Immigration Critic, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, is a big supporter of ours, too.

Cornelia said...