the coalition is worth fighting for

I'm sick of hearing that the coalition is dead. Until it's officially withdrawn, until both parties announce definitely that there will be no coalition, I'm still fighting for it.

Why shouldn't we? Why not keep fighting for what we want? Because we're afraid of being wrong? Who gives a shit. We should be more afraid of not being heard. We should be more afraid of ending up with another Conservative government.

Here's the latest (English portion only) from Canadians for a Progressive Coalition.

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Hello - bonjour,

This is a crucial moment. We must act together to reach out and build a new era of cooperative governance in Canada.

Last week fear spread faster than facts. We have learned that the Conservatives have a massive, well-funded, and impressively effective political machine. This machine swamped Canadians with unfounded fears about democracy and national unity. The Conservative machine is going to fully mobilize over the coming weeks in an attempt to discredit a progressive coalition - and with it the Liberals, NDP, Bloc Quebecois, unions, and all other progressive Canadians. It will be incredibly important for us to debunk these myths in the weeks ahead.

Progressives have the numbers, the skills, and the creativity to turn this around, and make this the beginning of a new era of cooperative politics in Canada. In one week we have worked together to gain over 30,000 signatures on our petition, 20,000 members on Facebook, 24,000 views of our YouTube video, 11,000 emails in our mailing list, balanced dozens of media stories, and organized successful events across the country. Other campaigns, such as Make Parliament Work and 62% Majority, have also emerged and effectively promoted the coalition.

What can we accomplish by January 26th when Parliament reconvenes?

To start, this week we must tell our MPs that we still support a progressive coalition, we must tell our friends and family that we still support a progressive coalition, and we must organize together to make a progressive coalition a reality for Canada.

This week Canadians for a Progressive Coalition will:

1. Show the progressive parties the broad, non-partisan, and cross-Canada support for a progressive coalition.

2. Turn Progressive Coalition into a central hub for news, resources, and tools for the progressive coalition movement.

3. Build a national organization with strong regional hubs and local groups, along with teams for communications, videos, research, and others, to organize outreach and events across the country over the coming weeks.

What can you do right now?

1. Write your progressive MP to tell them that you support a progressive coalition. The Conservatives are flooding their inboxes - they need to hear from you. You can find their contact information quickly at this link.

2. Write or talk with your friends and family about why you are supporting a progressive coalition. You are the best messenger. Be personal and try to reach as many people as you can. Show them our website, progressivecoalition.ca and our petition. Write campaign@progressivecoalition.ca about any concerns they have so we can respond to them effectively.

3. Get involved. Do you want to organize in your local area or region? Do you have communication, research, web, video, fundraising, or event planning skills? Email us at campaign@progressivecoalition.ca with your area of interest, your location, and your experience and we will connect you with the right team.

4. Please check the website daily, even if you have already signed the petition, to follow the latest news, find out about events happening in your area, and find out what we and other groups are doing. This site will be updated continually in the upcoming weeks.

5. Write letters to the editor, call in to radio shows, and post comments on news stories and blogs. The Conservatives have been kind enough to provide us with an incredibly powerful tool to find the local media in our areas. Feel free to use it.

6. Donate. So far our campaign has operated on donations from a few volunteers. To be effective, we will need your help. We have set up a PayPal donation link at the bottom of our website.

Together, we can do this!

The Canadians for a Progressive Coalition Team

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Saskboy said...

If Iggy does become leader, and it's looking likely, then he better not mess up the coalition. The coalition and a subsequently organized non-compete deal between the Greens, NDP, and Liberals in the next election is the only thing standing between a Harper majority and reality.

janfromthebruce said...

I am with you and the rest of the 62%.

Socially Active said...

We, Canada, need something like change.gov. Don't need to copy it we just need some place to start collecting complete ideas with individual and social cost benefit included, over reasonable time "5yrs".

Ideas how to start this?

The Liberals know Harper must go and won't let him stay. I think Dion could of stayed on expect for this is not amateur hour. And his media presentation is simply too amateur for this modern day, and he is not a strong enough fighter against Harper.

Nice pics, Saskboy and janfromthebruce

L-girl said...

I think Dion could of stayed on expect for this is not amateur hour. And his media presentation is simply too amateur for this modern day

I'm sorry to see progressive people get caught up in conservative media bullshit propaganda. The video is irrelevant, and should never have been an issue.

and he is not a strong enough fighter against Harper.

He is not a strong leader, that's very true. He's a very smart man, a person of integrity and with excellent ideas. He'll make an excellent cabinet minister.

I actually think he would have made a fine PM, too. But he was a terrible Opposition leader.