another war resister gets deportation order

The deportation orders are coming so fast, our heads are spinning.

It is maddening! Harper suspends Parliament because he can't get his way, and good people who want nothing but to live in Canada in peace are hung out to dry.

I know there are many, many Canadians suffering right now. People are losing their homes, losing their jobs, losing their pensions. I'm not insensitive to that. But my heart is breaking for the war resisters, whose fates hang in the balance.

The latest victim of the heartless Harper Government is Clifford Cornell.

Cliff, who lives in Nanaimo, BC, received a negative decision on his Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, and has told to leave Canada by December 24. That's barely enough time to give notice to his employer and pack his possessions.

Cliff is originally from Arkansas; he came to Canada in 2005, and lived in Toronto for a while before moving west. He's the assistant manager of a small store in his town.

To summarize the current situation with removal orders:

December 24: Cliff Cornell ordered to leave

January 6: Dean Walcott ordered to leave

January 15: Patrick Hart and his family ordered to leave

February 10: Federal Court to hear appeal by Jeremy Hinzman and family

Early March: Joshua Key to have new refugee hearing

Several other war resisters have pending PRRA decisions, expected at any time.

As we all know, the House of Commons spoke clearly on this issue, adopting a motion on June 3, 2008 that would have cleared up this situation with fairness and in accord with Canada's best traditions. The Harper Government ignored this motion, as well as several independent polls, thousands of letters, phone calls, petitions and emails from Canadians. Clearly they are determined to see the war resisters kicked out of Canada and punished is clear.

We are equally determined to Let Them Stay.

We call on you - our friends and supporters - to do all you can to put pressure on the politicians who can make this stop.

TO: Jason Kenney: minister@cic.gc.ca or kenney.j@parl.gc.ca

CC: Borys Wrzesnewskyj: wrzesnewskyj.b@parl.gc.ca [corrected email address]
CC: Olivia Chow: chow.o@parl.gc.ca
CC: Thierry St-Cyr: st-cyr.t@parl.gc.ca
CC: War Resisters Support Campaign: resisters@sympatico.ca
CC: Your own MP

Please. I know we're all caught up in the wranglings and machinations of the Liberals and the potential coalition. But lives and futures are at stake.

If you support peace - if you support human rights - if you believe in freedom of conscience - if you believe in personal autonomy - if you feel people have a right to refuse to participate in war crimes and human rights abuses - if you oppose the United States' occupation of Iraq - if you want to live in a Canada that supports peace, justice and human rights - then you, by definition, support war resisters.

Please make that support known. Tell them all: Let Them Stay!


Larry Gambone said...

I emailed everyone on the list. The message to Borys Wrzesnewsky got Mailer Demoned back.

L-girl said...

Thank you, Larry! My mail to Mr. Wrzesnewsky bounced too. I'll try to get a better address and re-post.

L-girl said...

I think I may have copied it wrong the first time. Lets see if it works now.

Cornelia said...

Just emailed them, too. I hate what numerous sorts of serious hardship Harper and his likes have been inflicting on people! Hope the Conservative government will soon fall so that things can be improved on a larger scale...