page 56, sentence 5: a game

Go to the book you're reading now. If you're not reading a book, go to the last book you read.

Turn to page 56.

Find the 5th sentence.

Write the sentence in a comment here, along with the book title and the author's name.

Don't dig out your favourite book or a book that you think sounds cooler. Use the book you're reading now.

I'll start.

"In his history of Plymouth colony, Governor Bradford himself provides one answer: robbing Indian houses and graves." 1491, Charles C. Mann

Thanks to M@ for the cool game, slightly tweaked here.


teddymac said...

"It must be a struggle of life and death between him and me! - and I was already nerving myself for the dreadful encounter, when I experienced a kind of transitory sensation of a crash and a shock."

More True Canadian Ghost Stories, John Robert Colombo

(I miswrote the last name before!)

skdadl said...

"The Addingtons were a military family."

Jane Mayer, The Dark Side

I like this game. ;-)

One question, though: I didn't count the partial sentence that had turned to p 56 from p 55. That ok?

Stephanie said...

"Since the appearance of [ç] depends upon morphological and lexical features, it would be introduced by lexical rule."

Phonology and Language Use, Joan Bybee

L-girl said...

I didn't count a partial sentence either. I was thinking the 1st full sentence would count as 1.

But hey, there's wiggle room.

Thanks for playing! I'm very curious to see all the different kinds of books and sentences that turn up.

David Heap said...

"Bedlam: please drive carefully."
Signspotting 2: more absurd and amusing signs from around the world. Compiled by Doug Lansky.

Námo Mandos said...

Bo Pang and Lillian Lee, Opinion mining and sentiment analysis.

"On a related note, Das and Chen [67] recommend Leinweber and Madhavan [183] as an interesting review of the history of market manipulation through disinformation."

John A. Ardelli said...

"That one story did a lot, though it didn't sell and it wasn't very good."

Star Trek: The New Voyages 2, Edited by Sondra Marshak and Myrna Culbreath

Adam said...

"Each one is a shrine, a place set apart for the faithful, a mausoleum."

No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, by Naomi Klein

Mara Clarke said...

"If you lived in Bensonhurst, your *parents* came from Shtetl-land."

Sweet and Low by Rich Cohen

New Nova Scotian said...

"For the moment, an electric light bulb hanging from a flex illumines the scene."

RESISTANCE - A Woman's Journal of Struggle and Defiance in Occupied France
- by Agnes Humbert

jrootham said...

""This'll be my last big trip, though", he says".

"Zen and Now
On the Trail of Robert Pirsig and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

By Mark Richardson

thefinalhalo said...

"Before the first minute was up, they were making love."

Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being"

I guess I win sap points for the day.

Jere said...

"He quickly devised and mastered a strategy for dealing with this handicap: he would catch a pitch in his gloved left hand, flip the ball in the air, drop the glove or tuck it under his right arm, catch the ball with his now-bare left hand and throw." Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox, Allan Wood

I started the book in the summer but during our move it got lost in the shuffle, and I've finally picked up where I left off. (I considered the end of the last sentence atop the page as "Sentence 1," for those of you scoring at home.)

Amy said...

"The government stole Macherten property and called it communism."

Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Fun game!

L-girl said...

Allan's book makes an appearance! Yay Jere.

I really like Milan Kundera. I'm glad for that quote, despite the sap factor.

Amy said...

Jere, are you trying to suck up to the teacher here or something, picking Allan's book? Shameless! :)

deang said...

"And we would never have fallen into the class of people described by the horrible term 'white trash.'"

A Lawyer's Journey: The Morris Dees Story by Morris Dees with Steve Fiffer.

Jen said...

"'I'm just an observer here,' his attitude said."

Jim Lusby, Serial

sassy said...

Philip V. of Spain, however, never had any intention of admitting the English to a free trade in the ports of the Spanish America.

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by Charles MacKay

Sarah Gates said...

"By the beginning of the next epoch - the Holocene, which continues today - nearly 40 species had disappeared, all of them large terrestrial mammals."

The World Without Us, Alan Weisman

M@ said...

A different sentence this time from the last time I played...

"Unlike Shagger, it took me eight weeks of hard labor to persuade her to snog me."

-- Toby Young, How to Lose Friends and Influence People

Antonia Z said...

Two books at once:

(1) Truth and Duty: The Press, The President and the Privilege of Power by Mary Mapes (about Rathergate):

"After years in newsrooms, I was no stranger to foul language, so I just kept chatting and asking him questions.''

(2) A History of God: The 4,000 Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam by Karen Armstrong.

"The prophetic experience of the mysterium terribile et fascinans was at one and the same time rape and seduction: ...'' (Jeremiah I:6-10 follows and I am too lazy to type it all out.)

L-girl said...

Antonia Z, welcome to wmtc. My partner and I are fans of yours from way back.

impudent strumpet said...

What is this singular "book you are reading" of which you speak?

"There were a hundred and fifty of us living in a shoebox in the middle of the road!" - The Greedy Bastard Diary, Eric Idle.

"As a general rule, it is better to begin with a 2.5% strength benzoyl peroxide solution to see if it is effective, rather than starting with the more potent, and somewhat more irritating 5% or 10% concentrations." - Don't Go To The Cosmetics Counter Without Me, Paula Begoun.

"Ceramic vases shattered." - The Lazarus Vendetta, Robert Ludlum.

"She reads it through twice, conscious that it must be delivered inside a narrow time band." - A Year with the Queen, Robert Hardman.

"If you're doing the building yourself, make up your own specification list." - Buying and Selling a Home For Canadians For Dummies

L-girl said...

What is this singular "book you are reading" of which you speak?

I have enough trouble concentrating (fibro brain). I couldn't handle cycling through four books at once!

Robyn said...

"I never got any good from a man yet."

The Plague Dogs, Richard Adams

L-girl said...

I have enough trouble concentrating (fibro brain). I couldn't handle cycling through four books at once!

And apparently I also can't count!

A Conformer said...

"He wore a blanket over his shoulders and his shirtsleeve was ripped and dark with blood and he carried that arm against him with his other hand".

Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy. Quite a mellow sentence, considering the source...

Antonia Z said...

Thanks L-Girl.

I have been dropping in here for ages.

(Funny, I read the Plague Dogs and i don't remember it being like Bridget Jones' Diary.)

A Conformer said...

I'll also follow Impudent Strumpet's lead and post the line from the other book I'm reading. Coincidentally, this one is more dark and violent than the one from Blood Meridian...

"Para realizar los sacrificios humanos, los aztecas les extraian el corazon a sus victimas y los guardaban y quemaban en cajas de piedra volcanica, confeccionadas por prestigiosos artesanos, cuyo interior y exterior estaban decorados con relieves relacionados al dios a quien se le ofrecia dicho corazon"

Quick and dirty translation: To make the human sacrifices, the Aztecs took out their victims' hearts, and stored and burned them in boxes of volcanic rock made by prestigious craftsmen, of which the interior and exterior were decorated with embossed designs related with the God to which the heart was offered.

Mitologia Azteca, Luis Guzman Roca (a quite badly written book that is saved by the fact that the subject is fascinating).

L-girl said...

I still have nightmares about Blood Meridian.

SoSock said...

"In fact, we found that the Republican counties with the strongest majorities were the most attractive to those who moved."
The Big Sort, Bill Bishop

"Can you use probes to map it out?"
The Road to Dune, Frank Herbert, by way of Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson

I tend to always have 2 books going myself. One "serious" book and one either sci-fi or sports related. I pick up whichever I'm in the mood for.
And I was very tempted to cheat, since I just began The Big Sort yesterday and before I was reading a Vonnegut book, he's so much cooler :)

M. said...

"There had been a time when Richard Nixon had known how to take advantage of his awkwardness - to make a face like Kennedy's stand in for every smooth, slick superior who had ever done an ordinary Joe wrong."
(Rick Perlstein, "Nixonland")

"In R v. Brown (1993), 97 Cr. App. R. 44, the House of Lords in a 3 to 2 decision held that consent was not a defence when men were charged with assault and wounding after private encounters which included branding, blood letting, and other forms of consensual sexual violence."
(Kent Roach, "Criminal Law and Procedure")

"He was dark and his wife was very white, and a rival for my grandmother's hand remarked that he hoped the children would be striped."
(Michael Ondaatje, "Running in the Family")

redsock said...

"Flinging magnetic curses
amid the toil of piling job on job,
here is a tall bold slugger set vivid against
the little soft cities..."

Cait Murphy, Crazy '08, quoting Carl Sandberg's "Chicago"


"This morning."

Michael Chabon, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay


"He calmly insisted on sleeping there in their home that very night; no hotel; it was like crucial to get right back on the emotional horse, in cases like this, he insisted."

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest


Paul Williams, Bob Dylan: Performing Artist: 1974-1986, The Middle Years (page 56 is blank)

JakeNCC said...

"Sent by the Communist Party to work with the American emigrants at the Kharkov tractor plant, Beal had seen firsthand the foreigners of Kharkov under siege from Ukrainians desparate for food."

The Forsaken- An American Tragedy in Stalin's Russia

by Tim Tzouliadis

Bacchus said...

News came through at midday that the Command of the B.E.F. passed from G.H.Q. to 1st Corps at 1800 hours on May 31st.

Diary of a Staff Officer, anonymous

L-girl said...

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

You are reading Jest again!

Sarah said...

"Gently, coaxingly, the nurse suggests she try walking to her room on her own." --Hurry Down Sunshine, Michael Greenberg

Canrane said...


"Sharp Teeth", Toby Barlow

David Cho said...

"It had always been a prosperous society, this valley of industrialized agriculture."

American Exodus: The Dust Bowl Migration and Okie Culture in California by James N. Gregory

Lisa said...

"When she said that, she honoured me with the most extraordinary smile, radiant but ambiguous, smile of an ecstatic sphinx which changed her face entirely, gave her a demented maenad look." The Passion of New Eve by Angela Carter.

richard said...

It was, in short, a thing of wonder and grandeur - the finest technological marvel in Des Moines aside from the atomic toilets at Bishop's cafeteria which obviously were in a league of their own.

Bill Bryson, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid

Anann said...

"Earth-walk in your space, in wide awareness with your senses open."

-The Earth Path, Starhawk, 2004

mkk said...

"Sometimes finding the right balance is relatively easy."

The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama

Fun game!

iv_eternity said...

"I didn't even have time to close my eyes."

Twilight - Stephenie Meyer

MSEH said...

Hmmm... page 56 is a list of resources. What's a girl to do? Okay, the fifth actual sentence (as opposed to citation) is: "Wow!"

I prefer the fifth line: ". . . suspected chaos."

Food Security for the Faint of Heart, Robin Wheeler

James said...

Two books:

In Newton's theory of gravity, one body exerts a gravitational pull on another with a strength determined solely by the mass of the objects involved and the magnitude of their separation

Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe. Only two sentences earlier lies "Nothing outruns photons," which is a pretty good name for a band.

Since this film may induce epileptic seizures or produce mild symptoms of shock treatment in certain persons, you are cautioned to remain in the theater only at your own risk

Scott MacDonald (quoting Tony Conrad), A Critical Cinema 3

That one is kind of cool, in a scary sort of way.

(Also, first post for me, though I'm a pretty regular reader.)

Tom said...

"Nishan, no", his wife objects.

Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides

Canada Calling said...

Great game!! First book . . .

"The ones I loathed were the wives of the New Men."

Anthony & Cleopatra, Colleen McCullough

Mary said...

Fun! I've got two books going:

"' Shut your bloody mouths, you bastards!' Bobek shouted with all the vulgarity of which he was capable, but it was too late."

Ferdydurke, Witold Gombrowicz

"The new chronometers work well on short voyages of three or four weeks; but on longer ones they fell so far out of sync with Greenwich Mean Time as to be useless, unless they were continually corrected by some other means of ascertaining time."

Jonathan Raban, Passage to Juneau

L-girl said...

Middlesex - a terrific book! I loved it.

Passage to Juneau - I read this on the plane on the way to Alaska. Great memories.

James said...

"It was a sad reflection on the education system, but those who were ignorant of science 'may just as well try to decide a dispute between two Frenchman' as make sense of the conflicting arguments of Parallax and a Newtonian."

Flat Earth: The History of an Infamous Idea

Christine Garwood

Wrye said...

I'll insert the appropriate line from The Wordy Shipmates once I get it back. This may take a while.

James said...

Here's the other book I'm reading:

This is my "Be Kind to Animals Week" dance...

Sparky, The Complete Peanuts (1969-1970 volume)

nick said...

"Baseball had created a situation nearly unknown in the American society of the time: Black men were taking white men's jobs."

Shades of Glory: The Negro Leagues and the Story of African-American Baseball by Lawrence D. Hogan (with a big crew of no-cover-credit folks).

Jason said...

"Give me a hand here!" he shouted "I don't want it to fall on her"

Brisingr, Christopher Paolini

johngoldfine said...

I'm thumbing through a book you might like, Laura, though it would probably make your heart ache with all that's lost. Maybe you know it already.

'Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York,' by James and Karla Murray.

Page 56 has a picture of a drygoods store on Avenue A/E. 2nd St, about two blocks from where I lived the summer of 1964. The nearest text to p.56 is on p. 59 and offers a potted history of McSorley's.

Sentence 5: "The woman presented their case with a lawsuit in 1970, Seidenberg vs McSorley, that resulted in 'McSorley's Law,' prohibiting sex discrimination in bars, hotels, restaurants, airplanes, golf clubs, and other public accommodations."

laura k said...

Thanks, John. I do know that book.

I'm actually not nostalgic about any older version of NYC. New York is all about change. Stay away from a neighbourhood for six months and on your next visit it will look completely different.

It's been that way from the beginning. Any images of "lost New York" are just snapshots of moments. After those, came other moments that were then lost and replaced by others, which were later lost, and on and on.

I do love to read about an older NYC, though. Do you know Joseph Mitchell's stories? Those are among my very favourite nonfiction writing.

johngoldfine said...

Sure, Joseph Mitchell is great and I love his NYC--too bad he was elected to the WritersBlock HOF, to a writer a tale more terrifying than anything he did actually write.

laura k said...

too bad he was elected to the WritersBlock HOF, to a writer a tale more terrifying than anything he did actually write.

Oh god yes. *shudder*