more u.s. military recruitment lies

An addendum to my last post. We won't be seeing anything resembling an amnesty for Iraq War resisters any time soon, but that doesn't stop US military recruiters from using Obama's election as a selling point. Vet Voice reports:
Within 24 hours of Barack Obama's election, an Army career counselor sent out a recruiting e-mail promising that the new president would "get us out of Iraq," reports VetVoice's Brandon Friedman. "What are you waiting for?" the e-mail asks, arguing the election of Obama makes now the perfect time to join up.

. . .

The relevant text says:

"24 Month Mobilization Deferment. A President Elect who says he'll get us out of Iraq. What are you waiting for? Stop taking your chance's [sic] in the IRR and be safe from deployment for 2 years. By that time our new President will have gotten us out of these other countries."

See the VetVoice post for screen shots and commentary.

Throw this on the already giant heap of lies and false inducements used by US military recruiters.

Thanks to A for the tip.


Ryan said...

So... why do they need more soldiers if they aren't going to have to fight in Iraq? Perhaps for a "surge" in Afghanistan, if they are truly leaving.

L-girl said...

The US military always needs more soldiers. Recruitment is ongoing.

Even with lowered standards, increased age limit, accepting people with criminal records - even with stop-loss - even with keeping so much of the population without any other means of getting health care or education - there still aren't enough volunteers.

redsock said...

Maybe Obama will need them for this:

Think Progress: CIA Director Michael Hayden said yesterday that al-Qaeda remains the greatest threat to the U.S. "but Iraq is no longer the central front" in the broader struggle against terrorism. He added that "its leaders are building closer ties to regional militant groups in order to launch attacks in Africa and Europe and on the Arabian Peninsula."


So if the troops leave Iraq, where do they go? They gotta fight the evil doers somewhere .....