why did ctv air dion's interview unedited?

In comments on this post, we were talking about Dion's CTV interview, and I learned that many people may not know an important piece of this.

Interviews are re-started, and bits of interviews re-done, all the time. When an interviewee gets tongue-tied or flubs an answer, those portions are edited out. If you're being interviewed on tape, you can say, "Can I take that again, please?". They'll say sure, you start over, and that spot is edited out. It's common practice.

People at CTV made a conscious decision to run this interview unedited. It's dirty. Will CTV be running unedited interviews of Harper any time soon?

For the last two years, the Globe and Mail - owned by the same company as CTV, of course - had been tough on Harper. They are more conservative than me, of course, but I was pleased (and frankly, impressed) that they actually did their job: consistently criticized the Government. Until the election was called. Since then they've given Harper a free ride, and of course, their endorsement came out yesterday.

I also agreed with Gilles Duceppe about a double-standard for francophones in English Canada. But for me, the more immediate issue is CTV unfairly inserting itself into Harper's campaign. It stinks.


PeterC said...

My comment on the subject is here with linkage to the video.

I think that Canadians will see this for what it is. Traditionally they have not liked bullies. It is my hope that the will continue to rally against people mean enough to laugh at honest mistakes.

L-girl said...

Thanks, Peter. Other people have talked about it here, too.