redsock on colin powell

Allan has a letter in today's Toronto Star.
In her letter of Oct. 24, reader Patricia MacKay calls Colin Powell "a man of great honour."

Does Ms. MacKay know that in 1968 then-Major Powell, while stationed in Chu Lai, Vietnam, was instrumental in the first actions to cover up the My Lai massacre, during which the U.S. Army killed between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians?

Allan Wood, Mississauga


West End Bob said...

Rock on, Allan!

The Colin Powell "endorsement" did not impress me in the least. The man who was complicit in taking the US into a useless war in Iraq and one of the prime authors of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in the US military does nothing for me . . . .

laura k said...

The man who was complicit in taking the US into a useless war in Iraq

People like to believe he was duped. Yeah, right.

allan said...

The other part of her letter was bemoaning the fact that this fine, upstanding man was used -- USED!! -- by Bush/Cheney to sell their war. Poor baby!!!

Explaining the mountain of evidence that shows that is total bullshit and that Powell knew all along how full of shit the WMD claims were and gave credence tot hem anyway because he is a war mongering scumbag would take too long in a letter to the editor, so I left that stuff out.

At one point, he was talked about as a candidate for president -- and everyone (media and citizens) was falling all over themselves, praising what a wonderful, honest, man he is. And I believe that was even after he oversaw the butchering of thousands Iraqis in the early 90s, including burying many of them alive by plowing them under the desert sand with giant bulldozers.

He's always been a right-wing stooge -- and now that the Cheney doodoo has reached epic proportions, he carefully slides over to the other side -- to endorse a guy who has set he'll have no qualms about invading Iran.