last chance to yell at stephen harper

Last chance to protest Mr Harper before election day! From the War Resisters Support Campaign:


Friday October 10, Stephen Harper will be attending a 5:00 p.m. rally at the Toronto Congress Centre on Dixon Road in Etobicoke.

Despite admitting his support for the Iraq War was "absolutely an error", Harper is continuing to punish war resisters for refusing to make the same mistake.

Against the will of Parliament and recent federal court decisions, Harper has ordered more war resisters to be deported. On October 8th, Patrick Hart, his wife Jill and son Rian were ordered to leave Canada by October 30th or be deported. On October 9th, Matt Lowell – a US Iraq war resister living in London, Ontario – was told to leave Canada by October 28th.

This will be our last chance before the election to tell Harper and the Conservatives to respect democracy, stop the deportations and let the war resisters stay.

If you would like to join Toronto resisters and campaigners:

• Meet Friday October 10th at 4 pm sharp(ish) at the Lawrence West Subway station, on the bus level.

• We will be taking bus #58 Malton Westbound to the Toronto Congress Centre, 650 Dixon Road (at Martin Grove).

Or meet at the Centre. See you there!

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