fundraising update

We were stuck at $2070 for a while, but now we've climbed to $2190. I'm concerned that we might not reach our goal of $3301 by the deadline of October 23.

I'm also hoping we go beyond $3301 so Tim and Cathy have a little extra breathing room, for gas or car maintenance, or whatever they need. I'm not sure how realistic that is, but I'm hoping.

To everyone who has donated so far, I thank you truly.

To anyone who has not, if you have an extra $10, please consider helping two friends of mine who are in need. The story is here; to pledge a donation, click here.


Alison said...

L-Girl, I meant to ask you this last week. Why does it say my donation will be held until the deadline to see if the goal is reached? Why can't they get the money we donate regardless of whether the goal is reached? Or am I misreading it?

laura k said...

Hi Alison, thanks so much for donating!

You're not reading it wrong. All pledges are held until the deadline. Then if the goal has been reached or exceeded, the pledges become donations. If the goal hasn't been reached, the whole thing is deleted.

I don't know why the site is set up that way. It does seem like a shame. If we don't reach the goal, Tim and Cathy could still have the benefit of our combined donations, to put towards a car.

I actually didn't set this up. Another friend of Cat's did, it was forwarded to me, and I decided to post it here, thinking it would reach more people.

Thanks again. It's wonderful that people will help a total stranger. I feel it makes the world more liveable.

Kim_in_TO said...

I was thinking the same thing. I'd like them to have my money regardless.

Well, we're not doing badly. Let's see if we can reach the goal. If not, we can work on a plan B.

laura k said...

Kim, I am really touched that you and others have referred to this as "we".

Community. It's amazing.

Lisa said...

"I don't know why the site is set up that way. It does seem like a shame."

It definitely does. Especially if it backfires!

But I do admire the intentions behind the setup. And it may work...I donated, and was much happer and more inclined to because of what felt like pure honesty: a bit like: "hey, we need this money for a car, and yes we could probably use the money for other purposes, but really, right now, we're looking for the car. Please help".

OH, I DID see your post about Naomi Klein! Great job relaying the speech!

She used to write for the Varsity (a VERY local U of T newsletter/paper) when I was at U of T at the same time as her. Remember being absolutely struck by this very young person's writing ability...jealous as hell, but very impressed..:)

laura k said...

Lisa, I agree, the intentions are honesty and honourable. I'm concerned about the outcome, though. And I feel responsible for it! (Not good.)

I've seen "The Varsity" - they've given the resisters campaign some excellent coverage. If I had been a student at the same time as Naomi Klein, I would have been several shades of green with envy.

I still am! But in a good way. :)