wheelers pushing the limits

Check out Aaron Fotheringham, one of the coolest kids you will ever see.

Aaron's not the only chairskater, but he is the first person to do a backflip in a wheelchair. Wow!

Here's Christiaan Bailey, a surfer dude, and the Chair Devils team. Then there's this nutty guy.


John F said...

I'm jealous! Those guys are more graceful (and daring) on wheels than I am on legs.

L-girl said...

Oh yeah, story of my life. I interview people who are stronger, more athletic, more outdoorsy, more daring, faster, stronger, etc. etc. than I'll ever be. But supposedly I'm "able-bodied" and they're "disabled". Strange, that.

impudent strumpet said...

That looks WAY more fun than skateboarding!

Kim_in_TO said...

That clip is so touching. The backflip is triumphant, and then emotional as you see how excited he and his friends are, but then the shots of him teaching the younger kid are too much. Thanks for sharing that.