let them stay reason # 8: canada welcomed 50,000 vietnam war resisters

The third of a ten-part series: reasons why US Iraq War Resisters should be allowed to stay in Canada.

Reason # 8: From Bill King, Canadian musician and Vietnam War deserter: Canada welcomed 50,000 Vietnam War Resisters.

In case you missed it: Reason # 9 from the Council of Canadians, and Reason # 10 from Amnesty International.


Ryan said...

I think that this fact clearly indicates where Canada currently stands in international affairs.

Unlike during the Vietnam era, where we took no active military part in the "war on communism," we are active participants in the broader "war on terror" in Afghanistan.

It seems to me that if Harper were to agree that the war in Iraq was a farce and travesty (like Vietnam) by allowing the war resisters to stay, his little proxy war in Afghanistan would lose its credibility. If he stands up to the US on Iraq, where does Afghanistan stand on the scale of morality?

L-girl said...

You're right about Harper, but I don't think you're right about Canada. Canada didn't just open its arms to the Vietnam resisters. There was a huge political battle in those days, too. Public outcry caused the change.

Ryan said...

True--I'm not saying it wasn't a fight. I'm just saying that Harper has a vested political interest in deporting them--not just his ideology.

Which means we have to fight harder.

L-girl said...

Yes, I agree, on both counts!