harper exposed

From CBC: Liberals accuse Harper of plagiarizing 2003 speech on Iraq.

The progressive Canadian blogosphere is all over this. Go to Progressive Bloggers for many perspectives. Best way to search: go to the Affiliates pages and scroll down through the numbered pages.


Scott M. said...

The thing I don't get, at all, is why newspapers and media outlets print things such as "Liberals accuse Harper of plagiarizing". Can't the media make up it's own mind? It's clear the Conservatives *are* plagiarizing. Shouldn't the headline be:

"Liberals expose Harper's plagiarization of Iraq speech"?

L-girl said...

YES! Scott, you should dash off a letter to the G&M saying exactly that. letters@globeandmail.com

L-girl said...

Here's a better headline, from CBC: Harper staffer quits over plagiarized 2003 speech on Iraq