democratic space is making me feel better. a little.

Last week, when I started gluing myself to DemocraticSpace, their seat projections had the Conservatives at 150 seats, five shy of a majority. Two days later, that was down to 145. Two days after that, it was 144. Today they have the Conservatives at 142.

So everything's moving in the right direction. Now if we can just get the election postponed until December.


Socially Active said...

We need strategic voting.

We must minimize Harper's power. Harper does not understand that government's purpose is to balance individual and social cost. Harper believes the purpose of government is to obtain power or his financial backers.

We must not give Harper the power to take away the Independence of our court and change our election laws.

Vote strategically, if you are in a riding which looks like the Liberals could win, vote that Liberal. If you are in a riding that looks like the NDP could win vote NDP.

L-girl said...

Socially Active, would you like to add your voice to this thread?

Or maybe you were looking for this one.

Gazetteer said...

And if you need hard StratVote info, you can't find a better place to go to than dSPACE.


Lisa said...

"Now if we can just get the election postponed until December."

That would be nice, wouldn't it!

Too bad Harper didn't choose to stick to the spirit of his own fixed date elections legislation.