wmtc day: three years!

Today is wmtc day: Allan and I have lived in Canada for three years.

When I think back to August 30, 2005 - driving through western New York State in the world's fullest minivan, Buster between us, Cody in a cave of boxes - it feels like a lifetime ago. And yet these three years have flown by, as time seems to move alarmingly fast, the older I get.

Not a day goes by that I am not happy and grateful that we left the US for Canada. Canada has turned out to be exactly what I thought it was: not a perfect world, just a better place.

And now, it is my home.

Next up: citizenship! We've got the forms ready to fill out. More on that as it happens.


Amy said...

Happy WMTC Day, L & A! Canada's gain is the USA's loss.

Ferdzy said...

Congratulations! Happy anniversary. Hope the next 3 and more years are just as happy and productive.

redsock said...

Yay us!

L-girl said...

Thank you!!

A note to other commenters: comments about the situation w/ CI do not belong in this thread. Thank you.

West End Bob said...

Congratulations L-Girl and Allan!

Bet it doesn't seem that long, does it?

Keep us posted on the citizenship progress - Have you been keeping a calendar log of your days out of the country ? ? ? ?

Kim_in_TO said...

Happy anniversary, you two! Your addition to this country has made it a better place!

Chrystal Ocean said...

Congratulations! Am delighted you joined us.

L-girl said...

Thank you much!

Keep us posted on the citizenship progress

I definitely will!

Have you been keeping a calendar log of your days out of the country ? ? ? ?

There's no need to. We have only one address, one residence. We've left the country only for short trips, which wouldn't affect anything.

Nigel Patel said...

Happy anniversary!
Will you get sworn in in English and French?

Lisa said...


So glad to hear that living in Canada proved to be everything you hoped it would be. And it's nice to know that you had realistic expectations, because Canada definitely isn't perfect! Its a big bonus that we now have more activists in our midst. As Amy said, the USA's loss is totally our gain!

L-girl said...

Thank you thank you!

Will you get sworn in in English and French?

Nope, just the one official language that we speak. Here in Ontario, that will be English.

But swearing in is quite a ways away. We have to apply, take a test and get accepted first.

L-girl said...

OMG Gromit!!!

An extra bonus when Lisa is around. :)

Adam said...

congratulations. i've stumbled across your blog while researching a move of our own from the u.s. to vancouver or toronto. i'm glad to read that someone else (you) has felt it a fantastic decision to have gone to canada and see a continued future there.

i will keep an eye on your blog. good luck on your path to citizenship.

gito said...

Congratulations L!! Sorry for the late response. And please give Allan my thoughts and wishing him a quick recovery!

L-girl said...

Have you been keeping a calendar log of your days out of the country ? ? ? ?

Ah-ha, I just now realized what you meant.

I keep a daily calendar that has pretty much everything we do, where we go, plans, trips, etc. I have this for every day of my life for the last 35 years or so. :)

So I'll just use our calendar.

Ursula said...

Congratulations! Thanks for starting this blog. I've seen a lot of good advice here not found on the CIC site or elsewhere.

L-girl said...

Thank you Ursula! I'm glad it's been helpful.

Cornelia said...

Canada's gain is the USA's loss.

Very often so, as seen by the Vietnam emigration north!