iraq moratorium # 12 tomorrow

I haven't blogged about an Iraq War Moratorium in several months. The 12th Iraq War Moratorium is tomorrow, August 15.

The organization has a beautiful new website (it's about time!), full of great ideas on what you can do tomorrow to publicly show your opposition to the US occupation of Iraq.

Their blog lists events by state, but you can always create your own Moratorium. Wear a button, put a sign in the rear window of your car, change the screen saver on your computer at work, hand out peace signs in a city park. The important thing is to do something, and to be public.

For more ideas, check the event archive on front page of the website.


Iraq Moratorium said...

And do check back at the website in a few days to see reports, photos and videos of Friday's actions.

Does it matter?

Doing something is infinitely more likely to have an impact than doing nothing is.

L-girl said...

Does it matter?

I guess this is a cut-and-paste for any blog linking to Iraq Moratorium. One thing you'll never find here is questioning whether it matters.