war resisters: recent media wrap-up

Bob Rae: Why U.S. War Resisters Deserve Refuge In Canada (Toronto Star)
Harper has allowed Canadian legal system to become an extension of American martial law ... The same government that won't lift a finger for Omar Khadr, that won't raise its voice on behalf of those Canadians on death row in the U.S., acts more and more like a Republican farm team than a sovereign government.

U.S. Soldiers Look To Canada For Asylum And Understanding (Kitchener-Waterloo Record)

Most Canadians Say: Let War Resisters Stay (Northumberland Today)
War resisters -- former U.S. soldiers who have come to this country because they refuse to fight in the Iraq war -- should be allowed to stay in Canada. This is an opinion shared by a majority of Canadians and a majority of our Members of Parliament. So why won't the Harper government listen?

Let The U.S. Soldiers Stay Here (Edmonton Sun, Sault Star)

Canadian Court Reopens Door For U.S. War Resisters (Workers World)

Orillians Rally For U.S. War Resisters (Orillia Packet)

Stop Imminent Deportation Of War Resisters (Rabble.ca)


Resisters Win One (Now Toronto)

Canada To Rehear Army Deserter's Asylum Bid (AOL)


Eleventh Hour Hope For Glass (Torontoist)
To Corey Glass, Pierre Trudeau's Vietnam-era proclamation that "Canada should be a refuge from militarism" must ring a little hollow in 2008.

U.S. War Dodger Wins Last-Minute Deportation Reprieve While Court Ponders Review (CBC, Canadian Press, St. Catharine Standard)

U.S. War Resister Gets To Stay, For Now (Inside Toronto)

US War Deserter Wins Stay Of Deportation In Canada (Hartford (CT) Courant))

U.S. War Resister Avoids Deportation (Ottawa Citizen)

War Dodger Gets Break (Halifax Herald)

Celebrations Planned After Ruling On War Resister (CTV, CBC)

Canada No Longer A Haven For U.S. Deserters (International Herald Tribune)


American War Dodger May Be Gone Monday (Vancouver Province)
Long, who deserted the U.S. military and fled to Canada to avoid being sent to Iraq, could be deported as early as Monday despite a recent non-binding vote by Parliament allowing U.S. soldiers opposed to the war in Iraq to stay in Canada.

United States Army Deserter Arrested At Port Of Entry (Imperial Valley News, Seattlest)

U.S. War Resister Living In B.C. Given Surprise Deportation Order (Vancouver Free Press)
Today (July 8), American war resister Robin Long was told by the Canadian Border Services Agency that he would be deported to the U.S. by as early as Monday (July 14), according to the Council of Canadians.

U.S. Deserter's Incarceration Decried (Globe & Mail)


Finally, two negative editorials:

Let Deserters Stand In Line (Vancouver Province)
Canadian anti-war groups and others opposed to the deportation of war resister Robin Long are well-meaning. But, in our view, they are misguided.

AWOL in Canada (Wall Street Journal)


Sarah O. said...

Gee, it's not hard to see what the news outlet's editorial bent is, even on their "hard news" headlines - all you have to do is look to see if they use "resister" or "dodger." I guess "deserter" is for those papers sitting on the fence playing the 'pity, but' card?

L-girl said...

Right! I think the term "dodger" is especially egregious when applied to people like Corey who actually served in Iraq, and chose not to go back.

Some of the Vietnam-era resisters embrace the word "deserter". Andy Barrie and Lee Z, who is one of the Campaigns leaders, both proudly call themselves deserters.

Sarah O. said...

"Deserter" is definitely a less loaded word, and could be used by people on either side of an ideological divide. It is what it is, which leaves us to describe it with our own words. I guess I would have to read the reports to know how the news outlets are using it.

L-girl said...

I agree.

When discussing issues around amnesty for Vietnam resisters, I remember training myself to say "draft resister" instead of "draft dodger" - even though draft dodger has alliteration on its side. IIRC, the word considered more objective at the time was "evader".

David said...

More coverage from London:
There is a London FP photo + caption at http://lfpress.ca/cgi-bin/publish.cgi?x=galleries&s=gallery&p=2539&pg=5

and the TV news from last night (I think it is the shorter item from 6 pm, since at 11 it was supposedly longer, 5 minutes in all with a longer segment from Rich) below -- with (as noted this morning) the error. Journalists.... whatever.

Have you seen this video?? There is an unfortunate error in the report however...Corey Glass is mistaken for Joshua Key.


So, now I am wondering about media in Minister Day's riding / Kamloops etc., between now and Monday -- any thoughts?

L-girl said...

Journalists.... whatever.

Hey! Watch that. :)

Thanks for the additional links, that's great.

So, now I am wondering about media in Minister Day's riding / Kamloops etc., between now and Monday -- any thoughts.

I think anything we can do to keep visibility up and pressure on is great. But folks in Toronto are taking the weekend off, as it's been a tough week, and things are in a holding pattern until Robin's hearing.

Re Kamloops or possible Vancouver organizing, I think it will be discussed by email. If anything goes public, I will post it.

Thanks for your input, David. Nice to meet you.

Amy said...

The NYTimes also had a piece in yesterday's paper.

You can find it here

Not sure that link will work without a login. I will email it to you separately, just in case.

L-girl said...

Thanks, Amy. That's the same story linked above from the Intl Herald Tribune.