wmtc3: a success

We had a great day! Lots of people came, about half Campaigners (including two couples who are resisters) and about half other friends of ours. Everyone seemed to have a really good time.

It was hot, but the backyard is shaded in the afternoon and it didn't rain. I did learn that our backyard isn't really big enough for volleyball. People played - but some of them ended up hopping over fences to retrieve the ball from our neighbours' gardens - many times!

The dogs - our two and their two friends - were big hits. Two other dogs hung out in the basement, apparently friendly to people but not their own species.

After everyone ate and drank for a while, I gave a brief spiel about the war resisters. A lot of people watched "Let Them Stay", a short film produced by Alex Lisman for the Campaign. People bought books and t-shirts, dug into their wallets, and pulled out their chequebooks. After everyone left, I counted the money; to my astonishment, we raised around $600! That well exceeded my expectations.

Bloggers and commenters who attended: M@ (with partner), Tom and Emilio, Kim_in_TO, James and L, Nancy (who moved to Canada a week ago!), Ferdzy, a brief appearance by Nick (get well soon, Cian!) and Gito and Mr. Tew. (A special appearance by Idealistic Pragmatist was cancelled due to illness.) Several other wmtc readers who don't blog were there, plus most of the Campaigners.

Overnight guests are still here: my brother and sister-in-law from New Jersey, and Ray and Lindy from Vermont. Now I have to make sure folks get coffee and bagels!

Update: Recount! We raised more than $700! Whoo-hoo!


M@ said...

Thanks Laura! We had a good time -- sorry we had to leave so early. Great to see everyone.

L-girl said...

You are so welcome! I was really happy you both could come.

Hey, we just re-counted the money: we raised more than $700! Very cool.

Kim_in_TO said...

That's amazing. Well done!

We didn't really get a chance to talk, but that's how it goes when you're the host, right? We'll rectify that when you get back from NFLD.

Nigel Patel said...

I'm glad you had a great event.
If I wasn't fairly broke I would have loved to be there.
Also congrats on the procedes.

L-girl said...

Thanks, Nige. Maybe you can make it to wmtc4. :)

Kim, you're right, the host can only have snippets of conversation, always interrupted. Let's definitely hang out later in the summer.