we are still here, will be catching up soon

We've been without internet access or cell phone for several days - inconvenient, irritating, relaxing and refreshing at the same time. But we're online tonight, and I'm planning on getting my travel journal all caught up, plus posting a few resister-related videos.

In a word: Newfoundland is amazing. More soon.


Amy said...

Life without the internet or a cell phone---while it seems sort of scary and odd, it has the potential to be heavenly. Like pre-1990 when you could actually be out of touch and not worry about it.


L-girl said...

Thanks, Amy! I would normally love it, but for a bad experience we had with one of our dogs in 1999. Since then I've needed to be in touch w/ our dogsitter every couple of days for my own peace of mind. Checking email at a public library will do.

But more than a two days without blogging, and I suffer withdrawal!