war resisters visit minister finley

This weekend, a group of resisters and campaigners did their usual tabling and petitioning in an unusual place: the small town of Port Dover, Ontario. Near Simcoe, in Norfolk County, on the shores of Lake Erie, Port Dover is a Conservative riding.

Port Dover's Member of Parliament is the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.

In this small, mostly Conservative town, people went out of their way to sign the petition in support of allowing Iraq War resisters to stay in Canada, to donate money, to meet the war resisters and wish them well. Of course support was not unanimous. But it was strong.

Here's a video snapshot of the day.

If When things go our way on Tuesday - when the House of Commons votes in favour of resolution - Ms. Finley is going to be hearing a lot from us.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! Dover's Ma's hometown and it's just down the road from my little burg. My doctor's in Dover an' Ma's got 3 brothers down there. I go there a fair bit. Good to see so many folks signin' the petition. Diane won't read it, though. She does what King Steve sez and King Steve does what Doug Finley sez. Doug is Diane's old man (an' I do mean old. He robbed the cradle by the looks of him.)

Ma went to high school in Port Dover an' Diane was in her class. (I robbed the cradle a little bit, too. Ma's 7 years younger than me.) I've written to Diane a few times. Once in a while I get a response from some aide or maybe a computer pretendin' it's an aide.

I wrote to her about selfsame sexy marryin'. She wrote back she didn't care what I thought she was gonna vote against SSM and then she did.

Anyways, them war resisters got my sympathy and we oughta do like we done back in Vietnam days and let 'em stay. They're just the sorta conscientious fellers we need more of here in Canada. We need all the good Yanks they can send over. They can keep the Puglicans, though.