terrific european news feature on iraq war resisters in canada

France24, a French TV channel, has a terrific English-language feature on the Iraq War resisters in Canada. They were with us on the bus to Ottawa and in the House of Commons while we watched the vote. I hope you'll take 13 minutes of your day to watch this. It's great!

Watch here.


Cornelia said...

Yep, I watched it yesterday and it was very interesting and well made.

Cornelia said...

Yesterday, I also wrote Mr Harper and Ms Finley again and I am quoting excerpts which, I guess, might be interesting for you here, from my email:

"Please respect the will of the overwhelming majority of the Canadian voters and the decision of the majority of the Canadian Parliament to let the war resisters stay by implementing the motion which has recently been passed in Parliament and please do, in accordance with that, rescind the deportation order issued against Mr Corey Glass.

This has definitely nothing to do with "letting offenders get into Canada". Just because they didn't want to go (again) to Iraq doesn't mean they will cause trouble or commit wrongdoing of any sort whatsoever. Rather, they would be happy to have a new future in Canada and to make a worthwhile contribution to the country they are living in now. They have a job and are working, too, which shows they are highly motivated and support themselves and don't need assistance.

Of course I know they weren't drafted (fortunately at least that!) but if they had known what they do know now (particularly in terms of detainee abuse and violations of human rights and above all, of the Geneva convention and the outrageous conduct on the ground in Iraq, which I see as the main reasons for all the problems!!!) they would never have joined and mostly, they had been tricked into signing up by recruiters because of the personnel shortage of the US military, which is due to the Iraq war most of the free world and the overwhelming majority of Canadians oppose anyway but which US President Bush was so keen to wage. Second, we are all but human and I don't think they should get deported back to jail but rather one should understand what situation they have been in and help them to start a new and hopefully better life in Canada.
Canada will be commended by so many people if the war resisters can stay.

Last but not least: Please do be aware of the fact that governments derive their authority from the just consent of the governed. Democracy means government for the people, of the people and by the people.

It's the voters who will get to decide again at the next Canadian elections and they do want that the motion passed by Parliament be implemented and the war resisters, including Mr Corey Glass, be allowed to stay. I guess you would be very well advised to act on the will of the overwhelming majority of the people and on the will of the majority of Parliament. Because otherwise, that might have negative consequences for your party at the ballot for not only years, but possibly even decades to come and I assume that's not exactly what you want and consider helpful. Do remember, there is a saying, stating "Election Day is PAY DAY".

I ask you to consider all the points made not only by myself but also the ones raised by the many supporters of the Campaign be it in court or during demonstrations on the street or in political discussions and petitions or be it during the Parliament session and in the motion and thereby, I urge you to let the war resisters, including Mr Corey Glass, stay."

Of course, I also encouraged them not to let themselves get so intimidated by the Bush club and I voiced my thanks for their (hopefully, but that's something we need to push for politically, haha, otherwise that would never come to pass, taking into account their pro-Bush tendencies) "anticipated help" (doesn't that sound extremely euphemistic and over-polite, but at least somehow business-like, haha?).

Hopefully it was not too tough what I wrote them. But I sent a more harmless sounding email some other time before and since they still haven't come around, I thought it might be worthwhile to get somehow more clear-cut to the point.

Cornelia said...

And no, it didn't seem to freak them out. This is the answer I just got from them:

"Dear Ms. Maier:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to thank you for your recent e-mail.

Please be assured that your comments have been noted and that they will receive due consideration from the Minister, who has already received a copy of your correspondence. (My thought when I read that: HOPE THAT HELPS...!!!)

S. Russell
Executive Correspondence Officer
Agent de correspondance
de la haute direction."

I forwarded the email to WRSC, too, of course.

Cornelia said...

But alas, no good news yet. They still haven't gotten it that they should let them stay, period.