support for iraq war resisters grows in tory ridings

Support for allowing Iraq War resisters safe haven in Canada is growing. This video was made in St. Catherines, Ontario, the riding of Conservative MP Rick Dykstra. Mr. Dykstra won his seat by only 244 votes, one of the closest races in the country.

If you haven't bothered Stephen Harper or Diane Finley lately, there's no time like the present.

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley
finley.d@parl.gc.ca / finled1@parl.gc.ca

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

The message: respect the will of the Canadian people, as reflected in the June 3, 2008 vote in Parliament. Let Iraq War resisters stay in Canada!


rumor said...

Thanks for your continued activity on this matter. Keep the fires stoked!

I'm firing off letters to my MP, Ms. Finley, Mr. Harper, and Mr. Dion in the next couple days, having been inspired by your posts. Every letter gets noticed if just a little bit, I think.

Gazetteer said...

OT Lgirl

(but maybe not really)

Once again Bruce shows us how to be bigger than ourselves and look for better days.



Cornelia said...

I have also done my best to either save or spoil Ms Finley's day by just emailing her again on the issue...

L-girl said...

Rumor, thanks for tellingme that, I appreciate it. Absolutely ever letter, phone call and email helps. It's all cumulative, and each of us can contribute.

Gazetteer, yes, always ok! I can't view it now but will soon.

Cornelia, thanks for your continued support.

Cornelia said...

I really appreciate that, Laura!