summer in toronto, spring in newfoundland

I happened to notice a national weather broadcast on CBC the other day. Reading west to east, it went something like this.
Vancouver 22
Calgary 23
Regina 20
Winnipeg 25
Toronto 28
Montreal 23
Halifax 18
St. John's 7

Whoa. Everyone has told me that June is not yet summer in Newfoundland, but looking at the difference was still starling. Here's the forecast in three Newfoundland towns we'll visit.

St. John's
Today 7
Thurs 11
Fri 6
Sat 7
Sun 8

Today 10
Thurs 12
Fri 6
Sat 7
Sun 8
Monday 9

Deer Lake
Today 23
Thurs 18
Fri 11
Sat 12
Sun 15
Mon 13
Tues 12

Lucky for us we don't like hot weather! A Campaigner friend who grew up in Grand Falls says they refer to a brief period in July as "summer week".

We leave Tuesday.

PS: US friends, I'm not bothering with conversions anymore. This is a good site if you need help.


James said...

A Campaigner friend who grew up in Grand Falls says they refer to a brief period in July as "summer week".

That reminds me of a nice line from Flanders & Swann about English weather:

Still, yesterday was nice. Spring. I missed it last year, I was in the bath.

dogsled_stacie said...

Hey what about us?!?!? The North is always forgotten.... *sigh*

FYI - we had snow two days ago!!!

L-girl said...

Aw geez Stacie, I'm sorry!! I did see a temp for Yellowknife, but obviously forgot to include it here. Snow, OMG. :)

I missed it last year, I was in the bath.

Definitely sounds Newfie-like. :)

L-girl said...

Oh duh, not Yellowknife - Whitehorse. My Cdn geography is getting better, but not there yet.

impudent strumpet said...

Also, Google can convert anything to anything. Just type it in the search field. Just in case anyone wants to know the speed of light in cubits per lunar cycle or anything.

Lil'J said...

I thought this post was funny (and yes Laura... I do occasionally read wmtc!)

In any case, Phil and I FINALLY get the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit. It's seems normal now, but I vividly remember tilting my head to the side while scratching the top and thinking: "The weather report says 10 degrees Celsius, then I add about 32 to that and it means that it's about 40F out!"

...glad those days are over!

L-girl said...

Hey "J", welcome to Celsius!

When we first moved here, I would look at the weather online, then go outside. OK, this is what 10 feels like. This is what 15 feels like. This is 7... and so on. Gradually I trained myself to think in Celsius.

Once in a while I still get confused, but in general I have it down. :)

Kim_in_TO said...

We had a discussion about this in your backyard.

Every 5 degrees C = 9 degrees F.

Remember the constants:
10C = 50F
-40 is the same on both scales.
And everyone should know the boiling and freezing points.


Kim_in_TO said...

Also, don't believe Tom when he says that Canadians are wimps about hot weather.


L-girl said...

I say forget all the formulas. Go cold turkey - the Celsius immersion program. Think in C.

And I am a wimp about hot weather. Always have been, and it only gets worse as I get older. I was born to live in the north. :)