chris hedges and "collateral damage"

You'll recall that when I read Chris Hedges' modern classic War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning, I couldn't stop posting about it. (Here, here, here and here.) It's a gripping, stomach-churning and eye-opening account of the psychology and reality of war.

Hedges has a new book, Collateral Damage - America's War Against Iraqi Civilians, co-authored by Laila al-Arian. TomDispatch describes it "two-person version of . . . Winter Soldier".

You can read an extended excerpt here. I'd warn you not to read this before sleep, or while you're eating, or anytime you don't want to cry.

When you support military resistance, you are supporting people who said no to this horror, and who said yes to peace.


Nancy said...

WAR IS A FORCE THAT GIVES US MEANING is one of the most important books I've read in years.
It made me glad that I am now in Canada (true, there are plenty of other reasons to be happy about this, but that was one of them.)

L-girl said...

I couldn't agree more.

Nancy said...

I've been having nightmares ever since I saw that photo of the five year old girl with her father's blood and brains all over her hands after their car was shot up by American troops. The pictures of terrified children surrounded by boots and camo'ed legs sum up the whole wretched experience for me, right there.
No war is glamourous. War is a stupid thing.

Lisa said...

He's also given this amazing speech:


Succint(ish!), but packed with good info.

L-girl said...

Lisa, thanks for the link. I'd love to here Hedges speak. I'd love to meet him and thank him.