canada a.m. this morning

Don't forget, watch TV this morning if you can.

There's also an online poll about the war resisters on the CTV website. Please take a minute to show your support.


Jen said...

At my convocation last night Cathy Crowe was awarded an honourary doctorate for her work as a street nurse*. In her address about how she stays inspired to do the work she does, she highlighted the vicory in the House of Commons of the War resisters last week. I thanked her particularily for that part when I got to cross the stage. She also wondered to Prime Minister Harper how so much money ruining homes in Afghanistan when we have a housing catastrophe here in Canada.


L-girl said...

Wow Jen, that is awesome! Thanks so much for letting me know.

And congratulations!!! How did the speech go?

Jen said...

The speech was good thanks! It was earlier in the week though. I'll blog on it somewhere along the way when I get all bloggy again... Glad to hear the party was a hit and a success, we'll get there someday! Jen

Kim_in_TO said...

I was working this morning so I missed Canada AM, but I did vote in the poll. I am always discouraged because these polls so often seem to be dominated by conservatives. But I was pleased to see that it was about 55% in favour of the resisters when I voted in the afternoon, and I was surprised to see right now that it has jumped to more than 60%.

L-girl said...

Online polls are entirely meaningless. Campaign leadership likes to push them, so I do - and it's easy enough to get people to click on them - but I personally don't see the point.