best. day. ever. (so far)

What a day! What a friggin wonderful day!

As you already know, we won our recent and long-fought-for battle. The House of Commons voted 137 to 110 to allow Iraq War resisters to stay in Canada.

Now one more piece of the puzzle remains: to persuade the Harper Government to carry out the will of the people.

As you know, the motion that passed yesterday is technically non-binding. It does not technically compel the Government to act.

I use that word "technically" because, if Canada is a democracy, the motion must be morally binding. Stephen Harper leads a minority government. He is not supposed to be a dictator. He is not supposed to have the final say.

In Canada, the final say is supposed to come from Parliament, the elected representatives of the Canadian people. And the majority of those elected representatives have now spoken.

So if we want to keep Corey Glass - and all his brother and sister resisters - safe and free in Canada, we must continue to work. We have a short window of opportunity before Corey's threatened deportation date, after which Parliament will rise. So we will be very busy.

Two things you can do right now.

First, please email or call your own MP. If she or he voted yes yesterday, say thank you. If she or he voted no, express your disappointment.

Second - and third, fourth, fifth - call Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. You can do this every day. I sure will. You can call Mr. Harper's office, too.

Tell both Harper and Finley that you expect them to carry out the will of the Canadian people: to cease all deportation proceedings against Corey Glass and other Iraq War resisters, and to implement a program that will allow them to stay in Canada.

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Diane Finley
finley.d@parl.gc.ca / finled1@parl.gc.ca

Prime Minister Stephen Harper


Amy said...

Great news, Laura, and it must be so rewarding to see the fruits of all your hard work.

What can a US citizen do to encourage the Canadian government to implement this decision?

L-girl said...

Thank you Amy! It is so rewarding. It's almost overwhelming. As many of us were saying on the bus, how many times do you work on a campaign where you achieve a clear-cut victory? Rarely? NEVER? :)

What can a US citizen do to encourage the Canadian government to implement this decision?

Ah, thank you for asking that! You can call the nearest Canadian Embassy. Go here and scroll down for a bit more info.

Thanks again. See you tonight on the gamethread!

Amy said...

Thanks, Laura. I will contact the consulate in Boston. Do you have any suggestions for how to phrase the request? Since the consulate's office doesn't have a vote, what are we asking them to do?

(Alas, I will likely once again miss most of the game tonight. This time of year we seem to have constant social/community obligations: birthday dinner with a friend last night, a community dinner honoring another friend tonight, etc. All good things, but I am really missing my fix of baseball.)

L-girl said...

Amy, if you click on that link, it has the central talking points.

Votes don't matter anymore - the voting is over. The majority has spoken. Now the Government (i.e. the administration) has to follow through. That's what we're asking for.

kdf said...

What always concerns me about Stephen Harper is that he only seems to think he's accountable to Stephen Harper (and his "god" of course). He'll do what he bloody well pleases as long as he thinks he's getting away with it. Just a little reminder of Mr. Harper's true colours... http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Stephen_Harper

L-girl said...

Kdf, you're right to be concerned - and I share those concerns. We're just gonna have to make him go against his true colours.

Amy said...

Thanks, Laura. I emailed the Canadian consulate in Boston, conveying my support as a US citizen for the motion to allow US war resisters to stay in Canada and to halt all deportation proceedings. I will let you know if I get any response.

L-girl said...

Thank you Amy!!