it's cody day!

Nine years ago today, we adopted Cody, which puts our old girl at around 11 years old. And Sweet Cody Brown is having a birthday party! While we're at work, her friends Cobalt and Denim will be over for a play date, along with their parents. You may recall, Denim is the puppy Cody fell in love with.

For dog-loving readers, here's the rundown on Cody from a previous Cody day. This post about Cody and her mania for big sticks was also a hit.

I was surprised to see I didn't do a Cody Day post last year. (Bad mommy!) She's a lot happier this year, now that she finally loves her new sister.

fork of the credit 09


redsock said...

Yay for Cody!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Cody! Have fun with Denim, Cobalt, and, of course, Tala!

West End Bob said...

Have a great Cody Day, Cody ! ! ! !

Nigel Patel said...

Lovely. Happy 11th!

David Cho said...

Sweet Cody!