follow-up: canine crisis update

Many of you very nice people have asked about our former dogwalker, and our canine crisis in general.

D never re-appeared. She hasn't called and hasn't emailed. I was worried, and baffled, but I asked the landlord to change the front-door lock. I can't feel safe knowing someone has a key to my home and knows when we're not home, especially as she may be having other problems. So that's just hanging there, unresolved, and may remain so.

Fellow doggie parents J & L filled in last weekend, so we didn't have to take any unpaid time off, truly a lifesaver. And thanks to Craigslist, we have hired someone new. She volunteers at the Oakville Humane Society and has two rescued dogs of her own. She's very knowledge about about dogs, has glowing references, and generally seems terrific. I also found someone who would work as back-up, which is really necessary with a weekend schedule.

Meanwhile, we are desperately searching for someone to stay at our home while we're in Newfoundland in late June, early July. It's too long for our regular dogsitter, as she doesn't drive.

Our ideal dogsitter doesn't work full-time. He or she doesn't need to be home 24/7 by any means, but someone who is gone most of the week is not a good fit. A student, someone who works from home, or someone who works part-time would be great.

We pay well, and it's a nice house with a big backyard, high-speed internet, cable, and all that fun stuff. It's best to have a car, although if the person doesn't mind being limited to what's in walking distance and infrequent public transportation, that's all right with us.

We'll be away for 16 days, plus there's a three-day weekend in July we need to fill in, too.

Do you know anyone who fits this bill? If you do, please email me!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'd love to house sit for you but I live in Tennessee. Good luck finding someone.

Nancy said...

I am moving to Oakville on May 31. I will not start work until August, so I can take care of your pets if you live within a reasonable commute by bus or bicycle (I have no car.) My apartment is on Sixteen Mile Creek near Rebecca and I'm a very reliable pet mama to my cat Gizmo who would of course stay in my place and not come to yours.
I'm willing to do this for free if you don't mind my not living in the house.
Please contact me offlist if this is suitable for you.
If you need pet references, my neighbours had me caring for their three cats when they spent a month in Africa.
Anyway, let me know if you are near where I am and we can work something out.

L-girl said...

Hi Nancy, thank you for your generous offer, but we need someone to live in the house. Also, there is no good way to get from Oakville to where I live by public transit. You would need a car and I know you don't do that.

Dr. Monkey, I think you should move from Tennessee to Ontario just for this! It will take about two years to get through the paperwork, so start downloading those forms. :)

johngoldfine said...

On top of the flood too! You must be feeling somewhat stressed.